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Being a stay at home mom comes with many challenges particularly being financially stable. Do not despair though. There are several options workwise for stay at home moms to do. Here we go into five business ideas for stay at home moms. We hope this gives you some ideas and shows you that it is possible and even fun to be a stay at home mom and boss lady!

Try being a virtual assistant  

Just googling this profession, you will see there are plenty of results that come up. However, we suggest talking to someone who has done something similar and find out if they can recommend any companies that may need your help. There are plenty of different fields that need help so make the company aware of your previous skill set to see if they can find work to match your abilities.

Start blogging

Blogging is big business these days. And if you have something interesting to share that people are interested in, you can monetize your blog too. There are many good articles online about how to do this but one of the first steps is to increase your blog’s traffic.

If you don't want to start your own blog then why not consider becoming a freelance writer? You can write for someone else and often you get to write about a whole array of different subjects and sometimes even subjects that interest you or are your specialty.

Tutor or teach

Have you got certain skills that could help people in your community? It may be teaching a musical instrument or tutoring a subject such as maths or science. Or perhaps you are a whizz at business coaching. All these kinds of things are easily done from a home office in your own time. You can set your hours and work your appointments around your schedule which is very appealing as a stay at home mom.

Sell products

If you’re passionate about, for instance, the best vacuum cleaner you’ve ever used, or a product that you can’t live without, it may be worth looking into selling products as a stay at home job. People like to buy from people that have first-hand experience of using a product so this is where your unique approach would come in.

By being who you are and selling products you believe in will make people want to purchase from you. By taking the time with clients and showing them why these products work for you and your life will make them eager to purchase one for themselves. There are endless options when it comes to what products you can sell, even something you made yourself can be viable. See our next point about that.

Are you a crafty mom?

There are many ideas out there, you just have to scroll through Pinterest to see what people are looking at and searching for. If you are crafty why not try making it work for you financially and see if people in your community would be prepared to support you. This can include baking cakes, doing clothing alterations, creating crafts for the home and so on. You could even enroll in a woodworking course and learn how to make some basic wooden crafts.

Remember to do some research first though to see what is in demand for your market as you don't want to craft beautiful creations that no one wants to buy. If your crafts become popular there’s even the option of starting an online shop to sell your crafts on. This takes some work to set up but the results may be worth it.

We hope this article has got your creativity flowing in terms of what you can do from home. These are just some basic ideas so use your imagination and get thinking of some creative solutions for working from home. You can really be as creative as you like – why not create a vision board? This will help you to focus on your strengths and interests. We wish you the best of luck with your new found career and hope it gives you the flexibility and joy that it has so many others.  

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