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It’s inevitable. PMS is a constant in the lives of women and teenage girls across the globe.. In fact, 75 percent of women experience PMS symptoms including bloating, irritability, depression, anxiety, mood swings, breast pain, and even aggression. The reason for PMS is simply a spike in estrogen and a dip in progesterone. In other words, women’s hormones go out of whack for a while each month until they return to normal levels.

Even though women experience PMS often, there are ways to curb the symptoms so you can go on with your life without all of the side effects. Here are five ways to get control of PMS symptoms.

Meditation: Although it may not seem like an efficient way to control PMS at first, give meditation a try. Meditation allows you to center yourself and take your mind off of the PMS symptoms. If you don’t think you can meditate for very long, try simply doing one minute of not thinking about anything else. Don’t set your goal to start meditating for an hour every day. That won’t work, especially if you are a beginner. Simply take a moment away from your cell phone, computer, TV, and any other device you have and dedicate it to yourself. You’ll find that centering yourself will allow your mind to think of other things than PMS.

Eat Better: While you are experiencing PMS symptoms make sure to eat healthy. That means make clean eating your number one priority. It will make you feel better during those few weeks and make you look better as well. Say yes to vegetable, legumes, and whole grains and drink plenty of water. Cut out processed foods and alcohol. You may even want to cut out sweets and dairy. You know your body best, so eat accordingly. For example, some women have increased PMS symptoms when they eat desserts or junk food. Cutting those things out will aid your health and wellbeing while you are menstruating.

Exercise: No matter how you are feeling, exercise always helps. Take time every day to move your body. You don’t even have to get a gym membership. Go for a walk or a run in your neighborhood park or around your block. There are apps that will give you tips, pointers, and exercises that you can do each do. If you don’t want to do strenuous exercise, you can try yoga or low-impact exercise if you’d like. It’s just important to exercise.

Get Rid of Stress: Stress can be a debilitating factor in many people’s lives. Controlling stress is critical to living a more peaceful and productive life. Stress can also heighten the symptoms of PMS, so eliminating as much stress as possible may help your PMS symptoms. PMS can make you irritable and even depressed. Curbing stress and relaxing can help you work through those

Supplements: One of the biggest PMS symptoms is mood swings. Getting your mood and body balanced is important during PMS so you prevent hot flashes, poor skin, and even lower sex drive. Estrogen blockers like Soetik help tremendously when your body goes through changes before menstruation.

Getting a handle on your health when you’re experiencing PMS can simply provide a better way of life. There is no reason to go through PMS symptoms when there are effective ways to curb them. If you can’t try all of the tips at once, at least try some of them, especially eating a healthier diet and cutting out caffeine and alcohol.

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Comment by Anupriya Gupta on October 22, 2018 at 9:50am

I personally feel that stress aggravates PMS and in turn amplifies stress. I tried meditation for a coupls of months and have to agree that it really does improve PMS

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