5 Great Timber Craft Activities for Kids

Woodworking is a great avenue kids can use to develop their creative and artistic side from a young age.

Woodworking has been one of the most popular hobbies among kids of all ages for generations.

You would be amazed at what your kids are capable of creating in a short amount of time. Kids are naturally inquisitive, and this inquisitiveness drives them to want to know more and create more.

Here we explore some craft activities kids can do with wood.

Ant Tablecloth Clips

You can get your kids interested in insects and animals by creating ant sculptures out of wood. To create this, paint four wooden cloth clips black, thread 4-inch-long black stems through two holes of a black shirt button.

Twist the edges of the stems where they converge to create antennae, add googly eyes under the antennae, proceed to cut three 2-inch pieces of black stems for every ant you make.

Thread all three stems through the spring holes of each clip to form legs, to finish off, glue the face and two extra black buttons onto the top of each clip.

Address Sign

This is a very practical project that you and your little ones can undertake, to start, you can purchase the proper address numbers and timber from a local timber supply store.

First and foremost, you need to cut down a single piece of wood to the ideal size, and then apply a polyacrylic coat to the wood; you may or may not apply a stain.

The polyacrylic coat will protect your wood from the elements when your wood is ready; proceed to glue your address numbers to the board.

For the project, a jigsaw saw is perfect as they are relatively safer than their alternatives.

Picture Frame

A picture frame is one of the most straightforward yet rewarding kids’ woodworking projects; several things can be framed, artworks, pictures, chalkboards and the like.

After deciding on how large you want your wooden picture frame to be, you can proceed to cut the wood pieces to your desired size.

Join all four pieces together using glue, metal fasteners or a screw and insert cardboard to serve as a backboard for whatever you decide to frame.

Australian Flag

This is an excellent way for you to engage your kids and foster patriotism in the next generation.

Your flag can consist of several pieces of wood fastened or glued together or one large chunk of the board; the size of your flag is entirely up to you and your kids.

After constructing the base of your flag, you need to assist your kids in painting the unfinished wood with our national colours. When you have completed your flag, you need to add two additional pieces of vertical timber to the back for structural support.

You may decide to add a polyurethane coat to help preserve your flag and preserve the paint for longer.


A coaster is nothing more than a circular piece of wood or any other absorbent material large enough to serve as the base for a cup.

There are numerous coaster designs with varying degrees of difficulties; this makes coasters a simple wood project for children as all they have to do is cut a decent circle out of wood.

To create a coaster out of wood, draw a circle on a piece of wood using a compass and pencil or round household item as a guide and cut through it with a band saw or jigsaw.

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