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5 healthy lunch box ideas for your child

Wondering what to pack in your child’s lunch box and have them eat it without a fuss? We present 5 easy and healthy ideas.

Children can be fussy eaters sometimes and prefer taste over nutrition. Thus, as a parent, you must come up with innovative lunch box recipes for kids so that your child’s daily tiffin is both tasty and nutritious.

Easy Lunch box ideas for kids:

1 Aloo roti with Paneer: If your child loves potatoes and is not averse to rotis, then here’s a recipe that brings the two together. Knead boiled potatoes and grated paneer in wheat flour and roll out small thin rotis. Roast them to a slight crisp and serve with curd or raita. These delicious rotis are packed with carbs, protein and good fats as well.

2 Oats idli: Most children love idli, but here’s how you can increase their nutritive value: make the idli batter by adding ground oats, some salt to taste and a bit of milk. Garnish with fresh coriander or grated  coconut, and serve with green coconut or tamarind chutney. This dish provides carbs, protein, vitamins and minerals and is low on fat.

3 Bread poha: Most children love bread, but the refined flour used in it is quite unhealthy as it has a low  nutritive value. You can instead use whole wheat or multigrain bread. Cut it into small pieces and lightly fry using homemade ghee, with added peanuts, onions, tomatoes, potato wedges, and coriander. This is a tasty lunch box recipe for kids, and your child will ask you to make it often.

4 Whole wheat pizza: Majority of kids love pizzas. But as a parent, you are concerned about the high fat and calorific value of restaurant-made or frozen pizza – it is often loaded with cheese and extra salt, making it an extremely unhealthy snacking option. Here’s what you can do to make it a healthy and tasty lunch box recipe for kids: use a whole wheat base and load it with tomato, mushroom, onion, capsicum and sweet corn kernels. Sprinkle a little grated cheese on the top and bake to medium crispness.

5 Egg/chicken/veg Pulao: Fried rice is generally not recommended since it is high on fat and calories. Also, polished white rice has low nutritive value, especially for children. If you must cook rice, use brown or unpolished rice, and steam it instead of frying it. Add boiled egg or chicken pieces, vegetables like tomato, onion, potato or mushroom, coriander, and herbs like rosemary or thyme. Toss the entire dish in a pan with one tablespoon of homemade ghee and mix evenly. Serve with raita or a tangy sauce.

6 Instead of a bottle of fizzy cola or a pack of sugary juice, give your child a nutritious milk drink which has a high satiety and nutritive value, and supports your child’s growth and development. Let your child have a glass of this nutritional milk drink with their morning breakfast and evening snack as well.

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Comment by Gail Mackay on July 19, 2019 at 4:56pm

It's not always easy to pack Fresh Food as it can quickly turn bad in our Australian Summer's during the day. Fruit is always a winner with our kids as well as some cold crisp vegetables.

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