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5 Important Baby Products All New Parents Need

It is so easy for brand-new parents to become a bit overwhelmed with the sheer number of baby items on the market. If you have ever taken a trip to a baby store or have looked online and searched for “baby products” you know what we’re talking about. That’s why it is essential for lists like these from veteran parents like us to steer new parents in the right direction. And remember, no matter how much research you do, you’ll always feel like you have completely missed out on the newest thing. 

That said, here are five baby products all new parents need.

Swaddle Blankets: Swaddle blankets are important for parents because they allow you to remain close to your newborn just like they were when they were in the womb. A very good swaddle will soothe your baby and allow them to have better sleep. A swaddle will allow both mom and dad to be as close to your baby as possible. Additionally, swaddle blankets typically grow with your baby. So, when your baby is newly born, you can turn your baby into a baby burrito and as they grow older you can simply carry your baby on your waist, on your back, or on your chest. Swaddle blankets are the best when you want to be very close to your baby. 

Bassinets: We’re sure you remember the bassinet you and your siblings used when you were little. We sure do. They were a simple oval shape with white ruffles on the outside that were simple to assemble with wheels. These days, new parents can choose from a range of bassinets to buy. While they are still basically the same, bassinets serve a completely different purpose than cribs. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that babies should sleep in the same room as their parents. This is where bassinets come into play. Bassinets offer convenience for parents and as new parents convenience is essential. 

Bassinets are perfect for babies between newborn and five months old. 

Baby Monitors: Many parents want to stay in touch with their babies while they sleep in their cribs as they grow older. They want their babies to be soothed on their own as they grow month by month. This is a major part of their childrearing style. If this is the case for you, you will definitely need a sufficient baby monitor so you can see your baby’s sleep cycle, sleep schedule, as well as sleep temperature on your phone. Many baby monitors are wi-fi enabled and have motion sensors. A few years ago, you needed a baby monitor that connected to an outside screen that you kept in your living room, bedroom or kitchen,  but now all you need is your phone. Go to any baby store or online and you will find baby monitors you must need where you only need your iOS or Android phone for baby monitoring. In just a short few years, tech really made being a parent easier than ever.  

Car Seats:  As we’re sure you know you cannot be discharged from the hospital with your baby without a car seat. While all car seats must meet the minimum federal standards, there are car seats that are better than others. Just like wine, even though some car seats may be more expensive it doesn’t automatically mean they are better. 

One of the things you want to look for is rear-facing car seats for newborns. You also should look for car seats that will grow as your baby does. You can choose a variety of options such as size, fabric, ease of installation, extra safety features, and stroller compatibility. 

As a quick aside, during the summer months make sure that the buckles in your newborn’s car seat do not get very hot. You would not imagine how quickly a burn can happen if you mindlessly sit your baby down in a car seat and don’t move the buckles out of the way. 

Organic or Cloth Diapers: Did you know that babies will go through 2000 diapers on average per year? That is a lot of diapers and an incredible expense for any family no matter their socioeconomic status. If you want to cut down on that cost you can go with cloth diapers. There are many companies that specialize in providing cloth diapers. If you are not comfortable with cloth diapers we suggest you opt for organic diapers. You can buy organic diapers at your local market. These days you don’t need to go to specialty stores. All stores, even drugstores, sell organic diapers now. It’s ubiquitous. 

Organic diapers are safer for your baby’s bottom and also better for the environment. 

We all love babies and we know you adore yours. When looking for the best products for your babies look for those that have federal guidelines and also are best for your family and best for the environment. And, most of all, don’t continuously buy, buy, buy when it comes to baby products. It's quite easy to do, but trust your instincts and lists like this. 

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