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The Subtle Art of Moving During the Holidays

We already know that the holidays while fun can also be one of the most stressful times of the year. There are decorations that need to be hung, relatives to host, presents to buy, food to prepare and ultimately expectations to uphold. Add all of that to moving and you just might lose your mind. Never fear,…


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5 Important Tips to Prevent Substance Abuse in College Students

Substance abuse is the unfavorable use of hallucinogenic substances, including illegitimate drugs. Substance abuse results when a person uses a substance (or a drug) abnormally or, in a way which is not usually recommended.

Recent studies show that out of many drug consuming groups, college students make up one of the largest groups regarding the consumption of these mind alarming substances. And, this can lead to a life-threatening situation which needs immediate attention and prevention. Though it’s almost impossible to restrict everyone from using drugs, it is always advised to try the best. Given below are 5 important tips to prevent substance abuse among college students:

  1. Stay Off the Peer Pressure

One of the common reasons due to which teens or college students start using drugs is because they think it will make them more socially desirable and this, in turn, creates peer pressure. It is very obvious that no one likes to be left out alone, and as a result, they end up doing the wrong things just to fit in their respective groups. In this type of case, one needs to either learn to say ‘no’ or find a better group of friends who won’t pressurize to do anything wrong.

  1. Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

Drug or Substance abuse rehabilitation is the procedure of medical treatment for the victims who are highly dependent on psychoactive substances. It is mainly intended to help the addicted people who are struggling to get rid of the irresistible drug seeking. In a substance abuse rehab, one can go through a variety of adddiction treatment methods. This may include detoxification, therapy, etc. You may check out some of the best rehabilitation centers here.

  1. Education

The main purpose of a college is to educate the students. Spreading awareness among the students about the negative effects of drug abuse may help them understand the consequences of excessive alcohol or drug consumption. It is recommended to organize some campus events in order to make the students know about the evil side of substance abuse and, it will surely lead them to make a choice of limiting the excessive drug usage.

  1. Make a Federal Law or Enforce Strict Campus Rules

Already there are many laws to restrict the drug intake. But enforcing federal law concerning the valid age for drug usage can highly limit drug consumption among college students. Enforcing strict campus rules too can help in solving these alcohol and substance-related issues to a great extent.

  1. Restriction on Bars

Reducing the accessibility of bars and other drug stores all around the campus can limit the excessive drug usage. A recent study has shown that alcohol or other drug consumption issues are more relevant in areas where drink specials are presented in an appealing way, especially aiming the college students.

One of the most convenient methods of preventing substance abuse is by talking it out, though it is not cent percent effective. College students very often face various kinds of pressure regarding their academics, career, social life, personal life etc. which can prompt substance abuse. In many cases, students with an eager towards drug usage could benefit greatly from a caring friend.

A few of the warning signs of someone stepping into the world of addictions are the behavioral changes that are often related with an addiction to illicit drugs are mentioned below:

  • Mood swings: Addicted people generally face frequent mood swing problems. They may swing between sudden depression and periods of joy.
  • Unusual privacy needs: Drug intake sessions are often carried out in secret. As a result, it’s quite normal for addicted people to develop a regular need of being alone.
  • Sudden loss of interest: As the addiction starts growing important in someone's mind, it also becomes the priority of his or her life. This results in a loss of interest in the activities which were once enjoyed by the same person.

Regardless of whether you are a friend or a family member or a batch-mate or a neighbor or in contact with someone who is suffering from deadly addictions, take it as a responsibility to make a change in their life by helping them out either by counselling or by taking them to a drug rehab center.

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