5 Insightful Tips for Moving Internationally With Toddlers

Parents know that everything can get hard when you have a toddler. At this stage of life, they are very playful and always run around, which can make packing and other moving tasks more challenging. Furthermore, they are very attached to their environment, so moving away can make them pretty sensitive. Leaving their old home, friends and everything they know around them can look far more traumatic than we think. That’s why handling a move with a toddler, especially when moving overseas, needs to be as organized as possible. Luckily, you’re in the right place. Here are the best 5 insightful tips for moving internationally with toddlers – everything you need to know to survive this adventure.

1.      Talk about it

Being honest is super important for every aspect of parenthood, and the same rule applies when moving internationally with toddlers. Even though you don’t need to include too many details your toddler won’t understand, try to be real about what’s happening. We suggest you do that as early as possible and introduce the moving idea on time. This will help them adjust to the changes even before the moving day comes, as they will be prepared for every next step. Talk about why you need to relocate, and try to get that idea as closer to your kid as possible – show them the picture of the new city, and new house, but also all the great things you’ll see and do there. Visualize the move as positively as possible, so that this is not something your toddler will be afraid of.

2.      Don’t leave anything to chance

Parents know how unpredictable life gets with toddlers. That’s why you need to make sure this move is as planned as it could get. Start moving preparations months in advance, so you have enough time to deal with every little detail. Playing along is nothing something you want to do with small kids running around. Transparent International experts suggest you schedule the move early and give a lot of thought to whom you’ll trust for this operation. Research trustworthy companies that deal with international relocations, and try to get as many recommendations as possible. Also, deal with all the paperwork, traveling specifics, and other details on time. This way, you can finish other tasks with ease when you’ve got all the moving day details covered.

3.      Expect an emotional rollercoaster

Dealing with changes is tough for everyone. However, it can get more difficult for kids, as they are not in control of what’s happening like adults. Furthermore, kids are not sure what to expect, which may result in an array of emotions preceding the moving day. Parents need to be understanding and patient here. Kids can go through all sorts of emotions regarding the move – from happiness and excitement to sadness, being homesick, and even anger. Even though you can’t predict what will the situation be like in your home, try to be as patient and understanding as possible. Also, the fear of change may make your toddler more clingy than usual. Even though this can be tough with the busy moving schedule, try to stay calm and give your child the extra attention they need at this moment.

4.      Packing for moving internationally with toddlers

A task that usually consumes most of your energy now needs to be done with the help of a toddler. Even though this may seem like a nightmare at first, it can get pretty smooth if you give yourself enough time to do it. As we mentioned, be sure to start preparing on time – months before the moving day. The first thing you need to do is to declutter your home of all the unnecessary items you won’t move to the new home. This way moving your household overseas will be easier and more affordable. Remember that pros are the best assistance when it comes to transferring all those boxes, but you’ll have to do the decluttering part by yourself. Next, pack the items systematically – room by room, according to the frequency of use. Pack the things you won’t need first, and work your way towards the items you use daily.

But where’s your toddler in all of this? Well, make sure you include them in all of these tasks whenever possible. Your kid can help you declutter their room from old clothes and toys they no longer use. Toddlers can help you pack their favorite pieces and label the moving boxes with some colorful drawings. Participating in the process will help them feel included and accept the change a lot easier. Staying positive while doing these moving tasks will send the example to your little one that there’s nothing to worry about, and that your family will be happy anywhere.

5.      Stick to the routines

Small kids find comfort and security in everyday rituals with their mom and dad. Disrupting their daily routines can make them feel anxious and fearful. This is where on-time planning and great moving organization show their true power. If you have everything planned and trustworthy professionals to rely on, you’ll have enough time to keep all the important daily routines with your young one. Stick to your playtime, sleep, and meal routines, so your toddler doesn’t feel disrupted in any way. Make sure they go to sleep on time, and most importantly – insist on spending quality time with each other even when you’re busy with moving tasks.

Final words

Relocating with kids is stressful for everyone included in the process, even for the little ones. Moving abroad is a big change, so it’s important to stay patient and calm as much as possible. Hopefully, these 5 insight tips for moving internationally with toddlers will make things easier for everyone and help you reach your new home with minimum stress and issues.

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