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There’s nothing better for making lasting family memories than enjoying an exciting and adventurous…

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5 of the best family adventure holidays

Traditional vacation spots and activities, though very close to us and familiar, are starting to lose their charm. They just don’t suffice anymore so more families have been on the lookout for the perfect vacation to have an adventure on. Beaches and forests are very easy to come by, but they won’t make amazing holiday memories and stories to tell everyone. Below you will see the five best adventure holidays you can travel to this year.


1. India

India is an amazing destination to have an adventure on. Perfect for travelers and families who want to escape to warmer places and have completely new experiences. They are very entertaining starting from sightseeing spots, must-visit places, and temples. Full of sights smells and sounds, it is sure to leave a lasting impression on you and change your view of the world. It is full of spiritual places to visit with fascinating history and heritage. There is never a dull moment in India, with streets filled to the brim with shopkeepers calling out to sell their products, rickshaws (tuk-tuks), cows and people, always trying to see or find something.

Traveling with your kids to India will surely leave them excited and full of memories to tell their friends. They will want to take a ride on the camel, and you can visit the of the chart villages that are full of friendly people. They are usually close to abandoned palaces and forts they can safely explore. Another very interesting activity that will surely make an impression is visiting tiger sanctuaries. For example, Kanha National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in India, and it’s considered the best place to see tigers. You can also see sloths, leopards, bison and so many varieties of birds.


2. Morroco

Morroco is a very exotic and fun destination to go to with your family members. Full of colors, animals, a desert and mountains, it’s sure to give you a thrill wherever you go. Alleyways are full of stalls selling the most amazing spices, food, and leather goods. Haggling is a must, and your kids will surely enjoy all of the souvenirs you can find on the streets with very nice vendors. Riding camels in the desert is a sure way to have an unforgettable trip, and experience the desert, orange dunes, and an amazing sunset. Trekking is a must activity because it will give you so many opportunities for picture-perfect moments, like villages, lush valleys and date plantations.


3. Mexico

The biggest country in Latin America, Mexico is a sight to behold, and it’s very difficult to explore it if you go only one time. With so many sights and places to visit and experience, a carefully planned trip is the way to go. Yucatan Peninsula is very easy and fun to go through, with amazing Mayan ruins, beautiful haciendas, and jungle, all waiting to show you how beautiful and colorful anything can be. In city Coba, you can rent bikes, so it will add another note of adventure to your family visiting some Mayan ruins. Two hours from Cancun, you can find Punta Laguna, a small and family-friendly lagoon that will take your breath away. It is thriving with wildlife, like monkeys. Taking a hike in the forest gives you an opportunity to see them, and after the hike is done, you can zip-line over the lake, and take a canoe to travel back.


4. Tasmania

Tasmania, an island state of Australia is full of activities and sights to experience, and it has a lot to offer. One of the beautiful places to visit is Southern Tasmania, with exciting holiday adventures and unforgettable attractions that will surely make an impression on you.  You can visit secluded beaches, historic landmarks, and attractions like Bruny Island. It is full of wildlife, like penguins and mutton birds. Tasman National Park is a visual wonderland with sea cliffs and rock formations. Fur seals or even an occasional whale is surely going to make you keep an eye out.

When planing an itinerary for your Tasmania holidays, North West Tasmina could be the perfect place to visit if you have younger children, but even the older ones won’t complain about seeing penguins. Penguin is a seaside town, with beautiful scenery, lovely coastal drives and, of course, penguins. If you visit during the breeding season, from September to March,  you can see them waddling to the shore, instead of looking at street statues.


5. Wild West

All kids love western cowboy movies, so taking a vacation to the famous wild west is a sure way to make your young ones very happy and excited. Grand Canyon is, as its name says, very vast and very tall. Always casting shadows over rivers, it’s a sight to be seen, morning or night. Sun in the day, or a sky full of stars at night, will make you feel at peace, and give a slight feeling of how it was to ride horses for days while traveling in those times. Yosemite valley is sure to take your breath away, with waterfalls above green forests and granite peaks. Yosemite National Park also cannot be skipped. Hiking is a must, so pack your hiking boots and hit the trail of beautiful landscapes.


Our world is full of amazing and beautiful countries and places to visit, to explore and learn from them. Giving your family a chance to explore and see many different cultures is an amazing way to connect to them, with adventures only you can tell others. Whether you are looking for places with high temperatures, like India or Mexico, or colder ones like Tasmania and sometimes Morroco, the choice can be very hard, but whatever you choose you can’t go wrong. All of the destinations we have mentioned can give you amazing experiences, new food to try, new ways of transport and surely natural sights you can’t find anywhere else.  But going East or West, always make sure to have a good time.

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