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5 Reasons to Have a Tea Party With Your Daughter

My daughter loooves tea parties! She'll have tea parties with all the animals in her room, including any of her brother's toys that may have somehow gotten mixed in. Illy will throw parties for her brothers or bring me little cups of "tea" and "soup" (lukewarm water) while I'm working. She's even gotten the whole family to sit on the floor in the living room for a tea picnic - at least this time it was with real tea! Over the years I've realized why this is so important and have come up with 5 reasons to HAVE a tea party with your daughter! You'll be surprised... it's not just about the tea. :)

1. Great Conversation

I have found tea parties to be a wonderful opportunity to have great conversations with my daughter. We talk about her favorite animals, where we'd like to go vacation next, and what adventures she's planning with her stuffed animals and baby dolls. However, we have also talked about what were some of her fears and how she got over them. During our parties, I've gotten a chance to see how Illy is growing in her thinking and conversational skills. It amazes me!

2. A Reason to Dress Up

It's nice to have a reason to dress up... even if you're just going from one room of your house to another. It elevates the way you think and feel about yourself. I love to dress up. Putting on a special outfit, shoes, a little make up, and a cute hairdo makes me feel wonderful. I know it does the same for my little girl. It's for this reason that I can't help but smile when Illy invites me to her tea party and recommends that I come in a nice dress and perfume. Listen, I could be barefooted but I better have on some perfume! lol! 

3. Teaching and/or Reinforcing Etiquette

There is something to be said of those southern bells, women of royalty, or just very classy ladies who know how to respond and conduct themselves in formal environments. The truth is that a lot of this training should start at home, although there are plenty of schools willing to teach it for a price. Whether it is the location of each fork or spoon, where to place your napkin, how to serve your guest, or how NOT to stuff your face (lol); these are things a girl should know. Adding little lessons or reminders during the tea party is a great way to introduce and instill these great habits.

4. Treats! 

Another reason to have a tea party with your daughter is the treats! How can you have a tea party with no treats?! It's one of the best parts, right? Well, it is true that you can have a tea party with no treats but they do add a little extra pizzaz to the affair. For the well-planned parties, you can have delicious baked goods (homemade and/or store bought), fresh fruit, and finger foods. If you get the idea for a party with no time to plan; crackers, fruit snacks, fresh fruit, little candies, cookies, or whatever you have on hand will work. And tea, of course. Remember, it's not just about how well you planned the food - it's about sharing a treat together.

5. Bonding Time

All of the previous points mentioned it ultimately boils down to this - bonding time. Having a tea party, no matter how silly or serious it is nor how prepared or spur of the moment it may feel, is really about spending precious time with your daughter. These parties allows her to know that you "see" her and that she's special to you. You will think back and appreciate these moments as she gets older.. but you know what, she will too.

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