5 reasons why personal online reputation management is important

Through the power of social media, we all gain the power to connect with others from across the globe. It is through the Internet alone that we can garner information at a moment's notice through Google and any other search engine. The World Wide Web runs our lives and we've come along for the ride to learn how it affects us all.

Most people don't realize how powerful the web can be. In fact, your own personal online presence is at risk every day. Business owners today are taking their online reputation to the next level and striving to stay on the lookout for how their business is viewed on the web. Just like how a negative review can affect their brand, the things that go on surrounding you as a person online can affect your life entirely.

Googling Your Own Name

About 57 percent of people in a study answered that they have Googled themselves. It's only smart that they do because you never know what is being said or posted about you online is going to affect you down the road. Let's dive right in on why your online presence matters.

Why Your Personal Online Reputation Management Is Important

- Future Job Opportunities

Landing a job in the past was simply about having a good resume and strong interview skills. However, in today's time with the Internet, your online presence is quickly researched to see if the person is a good fit for the company. On a survey shared on CareerBuilder, there was a list of specific negative content online that most employers would consider seeing that would cause them to not hire someone:

Poor communication skills 29 Percent

The candidate spoke negatively about the previous job - 31 percent

Discriminatory comments throughout their social media - 33 percent

Candidate drinking or using drugs in pictures and videos - 43 percent

Inappropriate photographs or videos - 46 percent

Simply having a careless online presence on your Facebook or Instagram can damage your chances on getting a job in the future. It's important to strive towards having a private profile or clearing out your entire social media channels so that future companies and employers do not see this content. Simply by being wise about how you use your social media can make a big difference.

- Family Members Find Out Personal Information

Think about the family you have and the future kids you have. Even if you have made a few mistakes with the law or posted things at one point that you otherwise wouldn't be proud of, understand that your future kids may find this information and content. Having your online presence protected and doing the right thing about it can make a big difference to what your family can see.

- College Acceptance

If you are still young or you're going to enter college in a few years in your adulthood, it pays off to monitor what you are doing online. Colleges and universities are always on the lookout to see what their future customers are going to post. Colleges want their new students to be powerful and inspirational people who have a strong online presence. They want their future alumni to be people they would want to continue carrying their torch.

- Finding Love

People will Google you before they jump onto a first date. Several people have shared stories of finding out that the person who they were supposed to be on a date with had charges and have mugshots online. If you have a bad past and have made your fair share of mistakes, it's not fair to be that person to lose out on jobs or possible dates because of mistakes made from years ago. With a few tweaks with your Google rankings, you can get rid of these posts and hide them from the world.

- Your Future

In general, your online rankings on Google and what people can find about you can affect you in all areas of your future. It's important that you know how to maintain your reputation because you don't know where your future is going to be.

How To Maintain Your Online Reputation

- Build Content Around You

Building your own website is a great way to build content that uplifts who you are. Build a website with your first and last name, and make this site about your main passions. It could be a blog or a standalone website that talks about you and what you do for a living.

- Create Strong Social Media Channels

Your social media is usually the first place most people will look at online about you. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are three social media channels people can look at your posts from years ago or even just a few months ago. It's easy to spew negative posts and share your mind and think that there is no backlash possible, but deleting old negative posts of yours is the most important thing to do.

- Work With Content Removal Pros

There are people who have the talent to work towards clearing your negative online content. Pictures on other websites videos out of your control, and other content that is online of you can be removed with the help of the right people. There are experts in specific locations, so if you live in Australia, there are Content Removal Experts Australia that could help you out. They will simply work towards creating an online presence that showcases the best version of you.

Your online presence is a mixture of your own social media channels and the things on Google that you cannot control. Deleting old negative social media posts is your first step. Working with a team of professionals can make a big difference to how your entire personal brand grows online. It's about removing your bad content and creating that image that you can genuinely be proud of for years to come. Use these tips to help ensure your future online presence.

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