5 Things Teenagers Can Do To Earn Money This Summer

It is that time of year when teenagers are at home enjoying the vacations. However, after a few days most teenagers start getting uneasy and feel that they need to do something useful and make money in the process too. Hence, most teenagers are always on the lookout for jobs in the summer. Here are five things that teenagers can do in the summer and earn money.

1) Be a Lifeguard:

A great way to make some money and also spend some fun time is by becoming a lifeguard. The pay is also good and you can move around good looking people too. However, it should be known that lifeguarding is not easy as it seems, it involves a lot of hard work. You will be saving lives and hence you need to be on your toes all the time. You need to get lifeguard certification which is provided by Red Cross. Once you get your certification you can easily get a job as a lifeguard. If you are a lifeguard at a pool, you can even conduct swimming lessons and earn more.

2) Take care of pets:

Just like babysitting, pet sitting is a real job that has good earning potential. Many pet owners like to go for vacations and they would love to have a person look after their pet in their absence. Taking time to feed the pet, walking the pet and playing with it are part of the job. If you do not want to pet sit you can be a dog walker. Dog walking is an easy way to make good money.

3) Mow lawns:

A very common summer job is mowing lawns in the neighbourhood. This is a decent paying job and you need to just work on weekends and rake in the moolah that would last for a week. Not just mowing lawns, you can provide additional services like raking leaves, planting saplings, planting flowers etc., for some additional cash.

4) Guest blogging:

In this tech crazy world, it is easy to make money online. One easy way to make money is by writing articles as guest writers for blogs. This is known as guest blogging and you can make good money if you have the writing bug. There are many websites and blogs which require quality content and you can provide the content they require and make money in the process. You can search for blogs that need guest posts on Google and contact them or better still you can check this list of blogs that pay for guest posts. Check the writing guidelines and write accordingly and make some money.

5) Do odd jobs in the neighbourhood:

Neighbours and friends alike need a lot of work done to their homes like fencing, painting etc. You can contact them and do the odd jobs that are required. You can make a lot of money in just a small neighbourhood and you can also spend time constructively.

The experience that you gain from the work you do in summers when you are a teenager far outweighs the money that you earn. So make sure to spend time wisely and gain some valuable experience in the summer months.

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