5 Things That IRK Me, From Petty To Principal

Bloggers Challenge to share: 5 Things That IRK Me, From Petty To Principal

Losing Wi-Fi signal or having no Wi-Fi signal: This is a gross example of an American Luxury that many take for granted and one that I am hostage to. When I find myself in areas where there is no signal or when visiting establishments where Wi-Fi is down or the service is not provided, I’m officially IRKED. I usually select my hotels during travel, based upon their Wi-Fi capabilities. This is because I use my phone and laptop so much in my line of business. The inconveniences of having accessibility to an established, strong and reliable Wi-Fi signal prohibits me from meeting deadlines with uploading time-sensitive material, and pose issues with social media posting in “real-time” when I am sometimes required to.

Misplacing or forgetting my cell phone: I am such a hostage to electronics that I have never been able to bring myself to participate in those “put your electronics” down for a day challenges. When I leave home without my cell phone, it’s the sarcastic equivalent to leaving without my brain. Yes, I can think without my cell phone, but I can’t stop thinking about my cell phone when I do not have it. Make sense? LOL. I guess I can call this one, a self-inflicted IRK. As I have been known to B-Line back to the house to get it or simply not leave home until I find it. Obviously, this does not apply to emergencies where leaving the phone would be necessary.

Assumptions: I understand that some assumptions can be argued as reasonable assumptions. While some are reasonable, some assumptions are mere assumptions, based on someone’s lack of information, no thought given to and no research conducted opinion. On a personal note, what IRKS me most about assumptions, are when people assume that every time I write about a love interest, via poetry or a blog post/article etc., as if I’m writing a love letter about my ex-husband. It would be a reasonable assumption if it was a recent divorce or if the relationship for me, had ever scratched the surface of love. However, it’s not and it didn’t and more importantly, I haven’t been married to my first husband in over 10 years ago. (This is where I pause to say that based on that last line, it would be reasonable for you to conclude that I have remarried since then.) Wouldn’t be right-but it would at least be reasonable.

For someone to assume that I’d be writing about him, behooves me. Especially since I have never written him a love letter, not in real life or in literary form nor have I written a piece which portrayed him as the love of my life or a love interest.

However, in the assumers’ defense, I have managed to keep that part of my life a mystery; making it impossible for them to know who or what is making me happy or sad these days. So, I’ll try not to be as IRKED about their assumption. -)

When people don’t read – I recently came upon a quote: “I would never read a book if it were possible for me to talk half an hour with the man who wrote it.” – Woodrow Wilson with that, I believe that this is the only time I would agree that you should table a book. That is because the exchange could produce greater impact, in the opportunity to speak directly to the source and it’s one that should always be embraced. However, when this is not the case and the book is all that you have available, you should read all the contents within, to gain insight and draw a more accurate conclusion if you want to know about the subject. I guess what IRKS me about people who don’t read, is not that they chose not to be readers but it’s how much they chime in on things that they haven’t read or have partially read. Never partially read anything.

Working with an impossible co-parent: This is one that if you have read anything about my life, you know is a constant battle which embeds the thorn in my side. No matter how upright I try to be and what I do on the side of right to remedy this ailing relationship I have with my son’s father- he always leads me back to being IRKED. Arguably, he knows that it IRKS me to not allow me access to my child, so he continues to do it in effort to keep me IRKED. It works sometimes. Some days I handle it much better than other days. Some days I let it roll off my back, I turn the other cheek and I ignore… However, there are those days that I ask myself, WTF and I just want to scream: “Why would a man do this to his child!” What is his problem and why won’t someone tell him to stop.

I share all the above things because I truly do have a desire to bring my readers into my home, so that they can better acquaint themselves with who I am as an individual, if they are truly interested in knowing me. While I cannot personally invite the world into a physical place to dine in champagne and celebratory occasions alongside my closest family members and life-long friends- I consider my readers a part of my extended family. Knowing a person, is knowing what makes them happy and sad, what causes them to snap, what makes them tick and what irks them. While there are personal matters which I feel a person should always keep under wraps, such as: family affairs and issues related to children, beyond freely sharing a glimpse into what life is like raising children; for the most past, none of the rest is a secret and it’s not off limits to my extended-family of readers. I would much rather them know, than to assume. Ask me anything….

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