Having a successful caravan trip with young kids comes down to planning, every, single, time. Your planning and the kids involvement should begin well before you set off on the road. While planning your itinerary get the kids involved. Ask them what kinds of things they’d like to see and do and plan in accordance. Of course, you might have something even better in mind, but it will help your kids get excited about the trip and ease any anxiety they may be dealing with at the thought of leaving home.

Establish a routine

Again, this should be planned in advance and should resemble your kids home routine as closely as possible. This way you’ll have the best behaved kids you could have. As you’ll already know, having a routine, especially a good bed-time ritual is incredibly important for both you and your kids sanity. If you don’t plan this through, thoroughly in advance, you’ll probably miss some very important steps in their normal routine. Before you head off, write a list of everything you and/or your partner does for the kids before bedtime and upon waking. It’s amazing how many little details you’ll forget that your kids won’t.


Again, plan your washing out in advance. This is crucial to maintain enough clothes for the whole family. Sure you can buy a few new items on the road but you don’t want to have to resort to doing so every time it rains. This is especially important if you’re not going to be staying in camping grounds that have washing and drying facilities. The best thing to do, is to establish your own washing routine for each morning. Doing small loads each day before or just after breakfast will lessen your risk of running out of clothes significantly.

Meal plan

Again, plan your meals out in advance. Of course you’ll want to eat out often but if the kitty is running low or your kids are being more picky and fussy than usual you’ll need something on hand to satisfy everyone when you’re all tired from a big day exploring. Always buy a little more than you think you’ll need because you can’t be sure of the next location that will have the right ingredients. And of course if you’re kids are particularly picky eaters always keep a stash of their favourites to ensure the journey is as smooth as possible.

Down Time

When planning out an exciting caravan adventure it’s easy to forget that both you and the kids are going to need a certain amount of downtime every day too. While you might be satisfied with a good book for the precious few moments you get not entertaining the kids, cooking meals or doing the washing up, young kids will probably need a bit more to stay out of trouble and your hair. Taking an iPad along with some new and favourite movie files (at least one for each day on the road) will allow your kids to unwind and relax, ready for bed before another big day of caravanning tomorrow.

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