5 Tips for Quick Daily Cleaning – These Habits Are the Key to Success!

For many of us, a clean house equals a clear mind. However, when life gets tough with family, work and other demands, allocating time to cleaning is often low on our list of to-dos.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to set aside huge chunks of your day to cleaning. With these few quick tips, you could manage a quick daily clean consisting of just a few minutes per day. That is, the time it takes to boil the kettle!

Put Things Back into Their Designated Places

  • Keep TV controls and electronic gadgets together so you can throw them all into the drawer or box when you’ve finished using them.
  • Get the younger members of the family to place all toys into their toy boxes before heading off to bed each night.
  • Place books back on shelves and magazines and newspapers in designated holders.
  • Have a box for mail near the door which you can keep letters in until you have time to act on them.

Clean Up After Yourself

  • Place dishes straight into the dishwasher after you have finished with them, rather than leaving them on the counters to build up.
  • Additionally, as soon as the dishwasher has finished, unload it and place the dishes straight back into the relevant cupboards rather than putting them on surfaces to go into cupboards, therefore doing the job twice!
  • Put out any rubbish into the necessary bins as soon as you see it.
  • Hang up all coats and bags as soon as you enter the home and keep your shoes neat and tidy in a designated shoe area.

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Easily Accessible

With so many areas of the home to clean, we all have numerous cleaning paraphernalia. However, keep all these items in the right places, and you will feel more inclined to want to use them for a quick cleaning sprint each day!

  • Keep toilet cleaners in the bathroom.
  • Keep dusters and polish dotted in drawers around the rooms that need regularly dusting.
  • Organize kitchen cleaning items together, so they’re easy to access to allow a quick flick.

Invest in a Cordless Vacuum

How many times do you sigh at having to plug the hoover in and drag it from one room to the next? One of the most advanced cordless vacuums available in the market today may be the better tool which encourages you to make use of it more often because it is ready to use and requires no search for nearby plugs!

Best for everyday use, these nifty products save so much time and are more effective than grabbing a dustpan and brush!

With long battery life, they make light work of not just sweeping the floors within seconds but also help clean those areas we usually don’t consider, like curtains and cobwebs, such is their accessibly to reach difficult areas.

Multi-Task Wherever and Whenever You Can

Sometimes, there are several possible ways that we can clean specific areas within minutes, and all while we are in the room performing another role!

  • For example, if you’re in the shower, why not scrub down the screen and walls before you turn off the water? Also:
  • Scrub the sink when you’ve finished brushing your teeth.
  • Give the toilet a squirt with cleaner after using it each time.
  • Put the laundry away when you are sorting through your wardrobe for something to wear the next day.

None of these tips are hard to do and indeed not time-consuming. However, it does mean that you can develop better cleaning habits. These may take a little time to get right at first, but once you do, you’ll be glad you implemented them.

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