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Toddlers need good shoes for walking and running. You cannot let the tiny tots run bare feet as their skin is still sensitive. Whether the toddlers play indoors or outdoors, their feet need protection. Look at certain factors when buying shoes for toddlers. Size, fit, comfort, material, and softness are some of the factors to look at when buying shoes for toddlers. These are the tips to find the best toddler sandals for their tiny feet.

Tips to find footwear for toddlers

1. Buy them offline

Buying everything online has become convenient since every detail of the product is displayed along with information. When it comes to shoe shopping, go offline. There are shoe stores for kids where you can go and shop. You can look at the perfect fit and measurement when you go shopping and test the footwear for comfort and size. Measures both the feet of your toddlers before you go shoe shopping. Take measurements of their feet while they are standing.

2. Leave some room for the feet

When buying sandals for toddlers buy a size that is a little bigger but not too large. The feet of the toddlers grow very fast and it is good to buy the size of the sandals that are a little bigger than the measurement of their feet. Doing this provides comfort for their feet and leaves a room to breathe. This is one good tip to follow when buying sandals for toddlers. Most of the parents go for the perfect fit and this might make the feet of the tiny tots uncomfortable.

3. Material for sandals

Do not go for pointed or high fashion sandals. They might look stylish on the rack but might leave blisters on the feet of the toddlers. The most comfortable material to choose for toddlers is canvas, foam leather and any material that lets the air breathed into the feet. Do not choose sandals made of synthetic materials as it can get uncomfortable for the tiny tots. Look for this feature instead of giving into the choice of your toddlers. Whatever material you buy it must be breathable and it is even better if it is porous.

Buy closed-toes sandals instead of open-toed as they provide much better protection and comfort of the child. Also, avoid buying or using used shoes. Do not use shoes that are used by older siblings. They might be smelly and not be healthy for the feet of the tiny tots.

4. Test the heels

Choose a toddler sandal with flat heels. This makes them comfortable when walking in them. Let the toddler walk in them to see if they are comfortable. Do not buy high heeled sandals for toddlers even if they look stylish. Choose comfort and safety over style. Look for closures that have Velcro straps and laces. Avoid buying sandals that are backless or do not have a strap on the rear side to support the feet of the toddler.

5. The hardness of the sole

Choose a sandal that has a sole that is not too hard or too soft. A soft sole gives more room for slipping. A hard sole can be uncomfortable when walking or running. The rubber sole is ideally suitable for buying toddler sandals. Choose the right sole for the sandals also helps in the proper development of the feet. Do not spend too much on buying sandals for toddlers. You can look for options that are inexpensive and provide more comfort.

Do not buy the grown-up versions of shoes for the toddlers as it is not safe or comfortable. Avoid buying crocs, flip-flops, or one of those stylish cowboy boots. Kids might look stylish in them but they can get uncomfortable and also might hurt their feet. If you know the sandals that you have brought for the toddlers are slippery, replace them immediately. Do not let the toddlers use them.

Keep checking for their comfort and the size of the feet every two months. Even if the toddler seems fine wearing them, it is a good idea to keep checking them regularly to ensure there is no hurt caused to their feet. Always choose shoes which are flexible and lightweight. These are the tips to find the best toddlers sandals that keep their feet comfortable when walking or running. Also look at various product reviews and the specification of the products before you make purchase.

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