I go to playgrounds a lot with my two year old toddler. Usually, as soon as I let my kid loose, I pick a spot to sit and watch her. Being a mom, I multitask while I am watching my kid—by watching other moms. Not to judge, but simply to satisfy my curiosity. They inspire me to write this post.

So, whether you admit it or not, you notice there are several kinds of moms at the playground. You make a mental note about them. I will lay them out for you.

1. The Phone Mom

She is seen holding her phone, usually a big-screened phone, while sitting on a bench or while pushing her kid on a swing. Every now and then she lifts her head up to check up on the kid, and quickly get back to her phone. Her thumbs are dancing so fast on her screen. She can swipe pages like nobody’s business. She is probably pinning pictures of recipe on Pinterest, catching up with her friends on Facebook, doing online party on Twitter, doing work, or reading a blog like this one.

2. The Super Dressed-Up Mom
She is so trendy with the latest dress by Chanel, holding a satchel by Michael Kors, and wearing high heels by Jimmy Choo. Her nails are neatly manicured and painted with subtle color that matches her bag. Prada sunglasses adorn her face. Her curls are so perfect. Not even a strand of hair rebels out of the flocks. She looks like she walks out right out a fashion magazine.

3. The Barefeet-and-Chasing-Kid Mom

She is not afraid of getting sand in her feet. You can usually see her shoes or sandals next to the kid’s shoes or sandals, by the bench or on the grass. Her jeans are folded to her calf so she can walk easier in the sand. Her kid(s) is usually bigger kid. They will run wild, zigzagging between kids and dodging swings. She goes down the slide, swings, hangs on the monkey bars. Practically doing what her kids are doing.

4. The Watch-from-Afar Mom

She is sitting at a strategic spot where she can see where her kid is. She is content to just sit and watch, or she will have something to occupy her mind while her kid is doing cartwheel.  Reading a Kindle, or a magazine, or snacking on something, or chatting it up with other moms, or just being there. When her daredevil is making some daring move, she will stand up and watch if he or she need her help. If they’re fine, she will sit down again and continue to watch.

5. The Toddler-Plus-Baby Mom
She is a mom who wears her little baby in a baby carrier, and follows her toddler/preschooler around the playground. They are always seen together. Her hair is usually in a simple ponytail, or she will wear a hat to cover it. Too busy to even care about hair. Her shoes are probably filled with sand, as she doesn’t have time to take off her shoes before chasing the toddler. She is uncomfortable from bearing the weight of her baby and from rearing her toddler, yet she has the strength to do it all.

So, which type of mom am I? I am a mix between Phone Mom, Barefeet-and-Chasing-Kid Mom, and Watch-from-Afar Mom.

Sometimes I am just busy with my phone, taking a break from caring for my toddler all day long, and catching up with my emails.

Sometimes I go down and dirty, remove my shoes, sit in the sand with my toddler and build a sand castle with her.

Sometimes I just sit there and watch her, marveling how fast she grows and watching how she interacts with other kids without my interference.

Whichever type of mom you are, know that you are the BEST mom for your kids. You do make a difference in your children’s life. Now, go hit the playground and have fun!


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Comment by Amy Ngai on February 12, 2015 at 9:46am

That's funny! I noticed these types of moms too. I think I'm a mix of most of them, but since I have a 6 month old now I'm usually the toddler plus baby mom.

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