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5 Unique Ways You Can Improve Your Parenting and Help Your Family

A study published by the Washington Post states that most parents only spend about 20.9 hours with their families a week. With juggling a career and other obligations, it is easy to see how time can get away from us. The source is quick to point out that quality time means much more than the quantity of time. If you are a busy parent who wants to reconnect with your kids and improve your family life, consider these five useful tips:


1. Providing Better Health And Safety

It is a challenge to keep your family safe and healthy in today’s world. Kids often get sick, and they prone to getting hurt when playing. Why not consider taking a few nursing courses at your local college? These classes may open the door for an exciting career change for you. Even if you do not want to be a nurse, the valuable things you learn can help you teach your children more about nutrition and general health. In an emergency, your first aid skills may save your child’s life, shares First Aid for Life.


2. Directing Your Children In A Positive Way

We must guide our kids wisely every day. Do you ever get tired of saying don’t do this or don’t do that? Children often buck as soon as they hear the word “don’t”. To get the same message across, tell your kids what to do instead of what not to do. For example, say “Walk down the stairs, please.” instead of “Don’t run down the stairs!” If you see your kids doing something good, praise them immediately. You may find that positive direction will have better results in the long run rather than the constant “don’ts”.


3. Create New Traditions

Although many families have special traditions for the holidays and other occasions, they are basically celebrating the same things. For a unique twist of family traditions, find some other things that you and the kids can celebrate each year. For example, on the first day of each spring, your family can make homemade kites to fly. Go online and get a list of quirky holidays, such as National Ice Cream Day or Hug-A-Tree Day. Find some fun activities that have to do with these days. You will create one-of-a-kind family traditions that your children can pass on to their families.


4. Practice Forgiveness Every Day

Parents are still human and make mistakes daily. Never be too proud to apologize to your partner or children. You are instilling a valuable virtue by teaching your children how to apologize and how to forgive. If they make forgiveness a regular habit, they will grow up being more respectful and less resentful of others. Instead of saying, “That’s okay” after an apology, teach your family to say, “I forgive you.” Forgiveness does not excuse the wrong or mean that you can forget it. It simply means that you still love and value the person, and want to go on with the relationship. Children need to hear you forgive them, too.


5. Practice Tolerance And Acceptance

The members of your family may have a lot in common, but you are still individuals. Encourage your children to accept their differences and excel in them. Teach them that everyone in the world is different, and we should be tolerant and accepting. Be sure that you are practicing the same virtues that you are teaching your children. As adults, they will be more comfortable around people who are of different cultures and beliefs and practicing their own.


No one said that it was easy to be a parent. When we foster closer relationships with our partner and children, it will not be difficult to share family values. When they have children of their own, they will pass these precious things to them.

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