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5 Ways Parents and Kids Can Get Prepared Together

Break the ICE: Watch the PSA and ask your child what they think the message is.

Talk About Why: Talk about the top disaster risks in your area, and explain that it’s important to have a plan to reunite quickly during emergencies. Letting children know you’re planning ahead to keep them safe helps them feel safe – both before and during an emergency.

Talk About Who: Each child should have three emergency contacts that any camp counselor, teacher or caregiver can reach out to. Since local power and phone service can be disrupted during emergencies, it’s important to have one out-of-town contact as well. Practice learning these numbers with your child.

Make the ICE Cards Together: Enter the three contacts along with your child’s medical info at upload a photo and print out your cards at home.

Keep Them Within Arms Reach: You’ll get two copies of your child’s card. Discuss the bag, wallet or other place where you each will keep yours so it will always be nearby.

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