5 Ways to Avoid Dry Face During the Spring

By Anne Carr

When the seasons change our skin goes through a variety of changes as well. Some people get dry skin while others’ skin reacts negatively to the increased pollen in the air. Others are lucky enough to not have any skin irritants when spring rolls around.  Let’s discuss how to avoid dry skin during spring, shall we?

Drink plenty of water: The age-old rule was to drink eight glasses of water a day. Who can do that? You don’t have to down a ton of water all at once or all in one day. Make incremental steps to purposely hydrate. It will make a huge difference in your appearance. Also be sure to cut down on any alcohol because it is a natural diuretic, so it is important that you counterbalance the diuretic effects with water intake.

It is also quite useful to add a bit of fresh lemon juice to your water. Vitamin C does wonders for your skin. It helps produce collagen and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.    

Invest in a humidifier: To add moisture to the air around you, make sure to invest in a humidifier. They are small enough these days that you can place them virtually anywhere and they are so good for your skin care regimen. Humidifiers are also nice to turn on when you are sleeping especially when you add essential oils for a restful night’s sleep.

Bring along moisturizer: During your night out, be sure to bring along your favorite moisturizer. Hopefully you have a small bottle that can fit snug in your purse. If not, buy a small tube of mosituerizer specifically for your nights out. I love MAC’s Mineralize Charged Water Face and Body Lotion and Clinique’s Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator. I am also really excited about Gwyneth Pathrow’s new beauty line, Juice Beauty. We know how exacting Gwyneth can be, so there are surely benefits to her organic skin care line.

Make your own moisturizing face spritzer: There is no such thing as going too far to keep your face hydrated. To remedy the effects of “dry face” during your days out, do not be shy about spritzing your face.

Buy a small spritzing bottle and fill it with distilled water. Go to any natural food store and also buy Vitamin E oil and lavender oil and mix it together. If you already have oily skin, this may serve as the perfect replacement for a moisturizer or as a supplement if you have overly dry skin. After all, you always want your face to look fresh and moisturized during the spring weather.

These are all simple tips you can take to prevent damaging your skin during the season change. What are some of your tips for keeping your face moisturized. 

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