As a blogger there is one thing that everyone wants: traffic. The more traffic one has the more money you can make and the more influence you can have on the people you are writing for. Even if your goal with your blog is not to make money there is nothing like being able to have regular readers who stop by every day to read your thoughts. 

Here are five easy ways for you to grow your blog’s traffic. 

  1. Write About What You Know: Many people read because they are looking for information. Why do you think Google is so powerful? The web is so successful because there are immeasurable ways for people to get information literally at their fingertips. As a blogger you want to find your niche and blog about it. For example, if you are really great at knitting you can share with your readers patterns and expert ways to improve. Or, if you are proficient at plant-based eating - something that is really in vogue now - there are always people looking for new tricks on how to change their eating. Once you have started your blog, pick your niche and write about that. Your readers will appreciate how much you know and that you are taking the time to share your expertise with them.

  2. Stay Consistent: If you commit to blogging and really want to grow your traffic you must stay consistent. Consistency is key. Once you start your blog and begin gaining a loyal following you can’t simply stop blogging and expect your traffic to increase. Be honest with yourself and figure out a writing schedule that best fits your lifestyle. For example, if you have time to blog five to seven times per week, then by all means make sure to do that. But, if you have a busy schedule, blog less. Even if you blog one day a week make sure to be consistent about the day you do blog.

    We will say, however, that the more you blog the more opportunities you will have to gain readers. No matter how often you write, just make sure you’re consistent about it and don’t go off on a long hiatus. Long stretches of time not writing is a traffic killer.

  3. Use Social Media: These days social media go hand-in-hand with your blog. You cannot have a blog without social media even though you can be on social media and not have a blog at all and do well. It’s funny the way that works. Social media is a great way to draw readers to your blog. Social media acts as RSS feeds did long ago. It’s an easy way for your readers to know when you have written something new.

    One of the best social media sites that draw traffic to your blog is Pinterest. If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, you will definitely need one and be surprised by how much people click through pins.

  4. Be Inspirational: As we mentioned above about writing expert advice, it is also great to be inspirational. There are many people who love reading quotes that give them an extra bit of happiness in their day. You can use sites like Canva and Fotor to create inspirational quote images and use them not only on your blog, but also on your social media sites. They’re traffic gold!

  5. Spruce Up Your SEO: SEO (search engine optimization) to many people is a pain. You have to stay up on the latest trends and learn to write for search engines instead of for people. Very skilled people can do both because at the end of the day bloggers need search engines and search engines need content. It’s a symbiotic relationship even though it doesn’t always feel that way. 

If you have a Wordpress blog there are plug-ins that make SEO incredibly easy especially for beginners. And companies like Ignite Digital offer affordable options to help you make your blog SEO friendly

Final Words

The days of blogging for the fun of it are behind us especially for those of us who want to use our talents for influence and for earning extra income. Blogging for traffic used to be frowned upon in the early days of blogging. Now it’s a necessity, but there are ways you can do it without sounding artificial. 

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