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When you have children the relationship with your husband changes automatically. Children require a lot of time, attention, love, and affection. For all of your kids’ needs the relationship with your husband needs just as much attention. You don’t want to let it fall by the wayside. The remedy to get more together time is to simply take date nights. Here are five ways to have wonderful, unforgettable date nights.

Regular Schedule: In order to make sure you and your husband look forward to your date nights, don’t schedule them sporadically. Rather pencil them in on a regular basis. Whether it’s every Saturday night or every Sunday morning, make sure to fit in a time every week just for time with you and your husband. No kids allowed. Hire a babysitter or take them to the grandparents’ house. They’ll love having a few hours alone with their grandbabies.

Flowers: Nothing spruces up a date night more than beautiful flowers. You might want to buy inexpensive cut flowers every date night. It’s even fun to try new arrangements. Also, if you have a gorgeous garden you can take time together to spruce up your outdoor space. You can also drop subtle hints to your husband that you’d love roses delivery. He can never go wrong with that.

Delicious Meal: Sometimes it’s great to go out for a wonderful dinner. Trying new restaurants in your neck of the woods can be an awesome thrill. There’s nothing like finding new restaurants with capable executive chefs with a new perspective on various cuisines. Try something different like authentic Indian, Asian, Mediterranean or Persian food - things that you don’t eat every day.

Also, you can try cooking new meals for your homework. Going out to eat is fun, but cooking in can be an amazing experience as well especially when you don’t have very long away from your children.

Wine: This is the exciting stuff! Wine is a nice way to start and round off a great dinner, but it’s even better when you can try new varietals of wine. Visit a up-and-coming wine bar or even shop at an amazing new wine shop that has its wines labeled by country. That way you can match your home-cooked meal with the perfect wine.

Affection: The reason why date nights are so fun is that you and your husband can rekindle on a regular basis why you are together in the first place. Show each other affection through a variety of ways. It can be a long summer walk in your neighborhood or even a back rub or even a movie night. Showing affection with your husband can even be a yoga class or even a run through the park. It can be a fun road trip or even a weekend trip to a romantic location. You choose. There are so many options and opportunities out there.

Having date nights can mean the difference between having a marriage that lasts and one that fizzles. Marriages take work. Trust us, small gestures go a long way.




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