5 Ways to make homework less stressful for your kid

Homework isn’t just stressful for children, it can be stressful for parents as well. With children always complaining about going to “do my homework”, parents are wondering how they can make homework less stressful for children. Especially for the younger children that aren’t used to do homework after school. These are 5 ways on how you can assist your children in making homework less stressful.

Start doing homework at a young age

The first thing that you should do, is to make sure that you teach your children to do homework, at a young age. The younger they start, the fewer problems they will have when they are older. Then, they might not go for assistance online, one day at the different online sites like

The younger they start, the easier it will be when they are older and has a lot more homework to do. Making it less stressful for them.

Set a time when homework needs to be done

Your children need to know when it is time to do homework. You give them a time when they need to start with homework every single day. This will make it less stressful for them, because by the time that it is bedtime, that their home is done and dusted.

Those children that are leaving their homework until after dinner, is normally more stressful. They struggle to get the day’s homework done in time. You will see that with a time set for homework, your children will start to say that I do my homework when the given time start. You won’t need to remind them again.

Finding the right place for doing homework

Doing their homework in their bedroom where they can be distracted with toys or with doing anything else, but homework isn’t really recommended. Many parents believe that this is the place for doing homework. This might be true if the children are older, but not at the beginning of their school years.

Then, the kitchen table or dining room table is more recommended. You can go on with your normal activities, and still be close to assist with the homework when needed. This will make it less stressful for them, and they won’t feel that they are isolated from the rest of the family.

Dividing their homework with breaks in-between

Give your children a break during homework. Even, if they have lots of homework to get done. The more breaks they are getting, the less stressful it will become, and they will get the homework done faster. Then, it won’t be necessary for them to struggle when they are at university and need to get assistance from sites like

Be available for assistance with homework

Be available for assisting your children with homework, but don’t look over their shoulder the whole time. There is nothing more stressful for them than a parent keeps watching what they are doing, and how they are doing it. Trust them when they are saying I do my homework and wait until they ask for assistance.

When children are older, there are many places where they can get assistance for doing homework. Places like However, if you are teaching your children from a young age to do homework without stressing about it, they won’t need these websites and tools when they are at university. They won’t leave their work until the last minute and they will know how to do homework and assignments without stressing about it.

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