4 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special When You’ve Got Kids

Making Valentine’s Day a special occasion when you’ve got children can be difficult to say the least. It might be too tricky to plan a weekend getaway with your partner or even go out to dinner together with young ones at home, so how can you still have a romantic day when you’ve got young kids around?

Pamper Your Partner

If you can’t spare a second alone and you’re kids are forever looking in on Mummy or Daddy in the bathroom, show your partner you care by giving them a romantic bath time pamper session. After your normal family dinner, when the kids complain about the food you’ve slaved over, won’t eat anything and tell you they’re hungry 5 minutes after they’ve left the table, let your partner enjoy some time alone. Setup the bathroom with candles, magazines or their favourite book, scented bubble bath and throw some rose petals in the bath for extra effect. Let them unwind and relax. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like looking after the kids while letting your partner get in some much needed relaxation time. You mightn’t be spending the relaxation together but your partner will know just how much you care.

Alternate with Friends

Celebrating Valentine’s doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day itself. Instead go out to dinner with your partner on the weekend. Alternate weekend nights with your closest friends. You watch their kids while they go out one night and they watch yours the next. This is a great solution for those who don’t often get a chance to go out alone together anymore now that kids are in the picture. This solution also works well for those of us unlucky enough not to have doting grandparents that are more than happy to look after the kids anytime we want. Oh if only…

Hire a Babysitter

If hiring a Nanny just isn’t in the budget and alternating with friends isn’t an option either, then hire a babysitter. As babysitters are often young and unqualified they come at a reduced cost. You can usually find a responsible teen in your network that would be willing, but if not you can book through an agency. Babysitter’s through an agency usually end up costing around $25 - $35 per booking. There’s usually a max number of hours per booking, around 3 – 4 hours. This is perfect time to catch a quick dinner and a movie or have a long 3 course dinner at a romantic restaurant before heading home for the night.

Let them Help

If you really can’t take a night off from the kids with your partner, then let them join in the fun. Let them help you bake your partner’s favourite treats, or make your partner’s favourite meal for dinner. If the kids are too young or your partner’s favourites are too complicated, make them yourself and get the kids to bake some extra heart shaped cookies or red velvet cupcakes instead for the whole family. They’ll love getting involved and your partner will still know you’re thinking of them.

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