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Many parents think that when their young child becomes a toddler they're in less danger of household accidents thanks to their increased motor control. However, because toddlers are curious and have the ability to move around on their own, they are prone to a new host of accidents, from pulling corded appliances down to running headfirst into pointed corners. In the interest of keeping your toddler safe, here are 5 tips for toddler-proofing your home.

Unplug Appliances When Not In Use

Not only are electrical cords a potential shock risk, but curious toddlers may pull on cords and bring appliances crashing down. To avoid this, unplug any appliances when they aren't in use, and makes sure cords are never left dangling. It's also smart to keep plug-in appliances away from edges to protect both your toddler and the appliances. Don’t forget to put socket stuffers in so the youngins don’t go wandering with a fork, either.

Install Padding on Sharp Corners

Another common cause of injury for toddlers is running into sharp furniture corners, such as those on tables or hearths. Cover sharp edges with layers of foam or cloth; this will remove the risk of head injuries from running into corners, as well as making cuts and scrapes less likely.

Put Cases on Mobile Devices

For mobile phones, durable plastic cases are a great choice, as they both protect the phone if it is dropped or knocked over by your toddler as well as cushioning the impact if it falls onto their head. For laptops, consider a hardshell computer case or else a laptop sleeve, as these will protect both your child and the laptop.

Switch to Plastic Dishes

If possible, using plastic plates, bowls and cups is a great step to take. Glass or ceramic dishes can shatter and leave behind sharp or jagged pieces when dropped, which your toddler could step on. They are also much less dangerous if they fall on your child's head.

Keep Toilet Seats Down and Tubs Drained

Leave no sources of water your toddler could fall into. If unsupervised, open toilets or full bathtubs can be drowning risks, so always drain your tub after use, and keep your toilet seats down and (if possible) latched

The best rules to follow to protect your toddler are to use common sense and leave nothing for them to drop or pull on. If you follow steps like these, you'll be sure to keep your toddler safe, and your home in good condition.

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