The days of living our lives are marked by how well we live and the number of experiences we have collected through the life. A lot of time the experience counts more than the age. There are different milestone birthday’s in the life that makes us revisit life in a certain pattern and would want us to evaluate and rethink to live our life to the best of our abilities. One of the special ones is the 50th birthday which marks the completion of 5 decades almost half a century on this earth. Since women believe in celebration and age milestones more than the men, one should surprise them with a special gift on this day.

It is a very important day in one’s life because it is also marked by a transitional face of entering the senior citizen zone in your life. Although this phase has its own charm and way to live, it is a day when you should mark it with an extraordinary gift to make the occasion bigger and better. You can choose from a mix of things that may add value to their life, or may have a personal touch to it that will reach their heart, or something that has a lot of meaning and feelings around it. We have listed down below a range of ideas that you can pick from, 50th Birthday Gift ideas for women.

A self-portrait

Earlier, when the entire photo fad and system weren't there, one used to make someone to make their portrait to hang it around the wall. The portraits are made damn easily. All you have to do is arrange for a guy who masters this skill. To make it fun, you can make a bobblehead caricature of the birthday person, get it framed and present it to her. Hopefully, most of the 50-year-olds should love this idea about self-portrait.

Most expensive wine

'Great celebration calls for a great wine' this quote may make complete sense because it is her birthday. You can get an exquisite bottle of wine which is almost years away from the manufacturing. She could also raise her toast with something so nice and palatable to the taste buds. If you want you can also get a few used and throw glasses along to sip over the wine whenever she feels like drinking.

A message jar

Birthdays are ordinary days filled with layers of excitement that come through people’s good wishes. You can either make this jar on your own or buy the ones available in the market. These jars basically contain empty scroll in which each of her closed ones can write a beautiful heart touching message. You can request the ones that are very close to her to fill out some personal messages or memories that she has shared.

Yoga class subscription

It is an age that unwillingly signifies the deteriorating health and power in the human body through age Thus, what you can do is to keep her at peace and some sort of relaxation is that you should encourage her to do Yoga by signing her in surprise to a class with a personal trainer to take care of those muscles.

50 gifts goodie bag

It is the 50th birthday, a special one and of course a milestone that marks a half-century of living. Women like things in abundance and when talking about the gift, the logic is the more the better. In this goodie bag, you can select up to 50 different gifts separately. It could be small fine things too. Just imagine the jolt one might get to see 50 gifts together. You choose a blend of personal items to skincare to other home stuff.

Stones with messages

These are not just ordinary stones but unique ones that are magnetic and can be engraved with your personal messages. Earlier, people used to write on stones to mar a place in the map or to send across a message to someone. Thus, rock messaging is a thing of the past. You can choose the kind of stone you would want be it marble, a pebble etc. They come wrapped in a velvet small bag with a string.

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