Kids these days are having the fun of their times at kid’s parties. There’s funny music, face painting, different finger foods, lots of activities and much more. Every parent wants to make sure their child is having a fun experience they’ll remember forever. Pamper parties are one of those unique experiences, so let’s dive into six exciting ideas to make the party memorable.


Start the party with the eruption of style

Upon arrival, each kid can get a tall flute glass filled with some fizzy juice. You can add seasonal red fruit, like strawberries or any type of berries. This will give it a luxurious feel and make the kids feel like they are all grown up because they are drinking juice from a champagne glass. While you wait for every kid to arrive, kids can sip their juice, look around the room and just observe every prop there is while they wait for the party to start.

Once every kid is present, you can ask them to sit around and listen to the party itinerary. Let them know the program so you can listen to how they respond with enthusiasm. This is also useful because you’ll see if there’s a kid who’s not so happy with the schedule. You can approach this kid or these kids and ask them if they want to do something or might decide to skip it. Your ultimate goal is to have your kid and guests happy, so make sure everyone is ready to participate.


Spa session

After kids are done with their glass of bubbly juice, they can switch to a fluffy robe and move to the next activity. To truly feel pampered, start with face masks. You can go for something easy to make that is both nourishing, sweet and that smells nice. You can mix some honey, cocoa and some yogurt for a sweet and edible face mask. Throw cucumber slices into the mix, because kids know that these go over their eyes while they enjoy and relax their 10-minute face mask. When they wash off their mask, spray some kids perfume for the ultimate experience.


The manicure

Next, kids go to a kid-safe manicure. Pick several colours kids love these days like pastel purple, yellow, green and orange. Make sure these products are suitable for kids’ use and to have enough help to paint all these kids nails. You can have one or two parents help you who are willing to participate.


Face painting

Isn’t it fun being someone else for a day? Or at least look like someone else? With face painting, kids can transform into anyone they want and parents are there to make this happen. While planning your kid’s pamper party, make sure to include face painting as an activity. This type of activity is a must in kids themed parties in Australia. When parents book professional face painting in Melbourne or any other city, they know that the artist will use hypoallergenic face paints and FDA approved glitters. This is very important because you can’t risk your kid’s or anyone else’s health. On the other hand, you want to have a professional artist turn kids wishes into reality. So, do your research and make sure to book a professional in time for the party.


Crazy hairstyles

Once kids get their faces painted and glittered, they can move to another professional service. Each kid can get a crazy hairstyle that accompanies their face painting style. A lioness can have her hair curled and styled to look like a mane of a lion. A hairstylist can also braid their hair, spray temporary hair paint and turn their hair into pink, blue or green. Once every kid gets a hairstyle of their choice they are ready for the next activity.


Music and a hairstyle fashion show

This activity can be the last one and you can also photograph each with a polaroid and hand them their photo. Make sure to prepare a playlist for this in advance. Include some of the kids' favourite tunes they can dance to while they walk down their “catwalk”. Kids will have fun watching other kids present their hairstyles as well as their face-painted styles.


Lastly, before inviting kids to a party, make sure to run your party theme and ideas with other parents. Maybe some parents are against certain activities or their kids are allergic to something. It’s always best to inform every parent of your party ideas. Kids can receive a fun invitation, while parents can get a detailed one explaining each one of the activities and requiring them to give their approval. This will turn your party into success and every kid will enjoy it to the fullest.


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