6 Cutting Edge Gadgets to Keep Seniors Safe and Healthy

Technology now plays a much bigger part in our lives than it ever did. With its constant growth, even the elderly, who are usually associated with a feeling of wariness towards technology, are coming to embrace it. More and more seniors are using technology in their daily lives, some of them even taking it upon themselves to make themselves experts in their usage. Gadgets can also play a huge part in helping old people live with more ease. Here are some gadgets that can be easily used by them and keep their safety and health needs satisfied at all times.

1. Health Tracking Wristband

One of these easy to use bands can go a long way in keeping the senior as well as his or her doctor (if details are sent to them) informed about the health needs. Tracking heart rate, the number of steps walked, and the calories burned are only some of the things that a tracker can do. Since there are so many companies offering tracker bands with different functions and at different prices, seniors can look out for the one that suits both their health needs and their budget.

2. Smart Locking System

Senior citizens can be quite vulnerable in general, due to many age-related problems that potential criminals might see as an opportunity. To prevent any untoward or unwanted incidents from happening, seniors can choose to install a digital locking system that can help keep out intruders better than a regular door and lock. The smart lock can sense when a person is nearby and takes a picture when the doorknob is turned in an attempt to open the door when there is no virtual key presented. Virtual keys can be sent out to anyone, with the option of specifying a time frame for its validity.

3. Home Security System

Security of senior citizens can be taken one step forward with an all in one security system that keeps a watchful eye on seniors living in the home. This can address both regular needs such as the temperature of the room, to serious security needs. And if the system comes with a panic button attached to a really loud alarm system, all the better.

4. Fall Detector

Seniors facing difficulty in moving freely will appreciate this gadget. In most cases, bathrooms are something of a danger zone for old people, and they find themselves falling down and not being able to get back up again. A fall detector, usually available in the form of a wristband or a neck pendant, can sense when the weather has fallen using motion sensors built into the device and can notify loved ones or a neighbor who can help them get back on their feet.

5. Automatic Pill Dispenser

This is for the seniors who tend to be absent-minded. Forgetting to take pills will be an extinct worry with this new gizmo. Enter the pill details, fill in the necessary pills and get reminders to take them at the intervals you choose. Caretakers will also get notified in case pills have not been taken, letting them do the reminding in case elders are not within reach of their phone. This can be a wonderful gift for your grandparents.

6. A GPS Tracker

This can be helpful for caregivers taking care of absent-minded seniors who tend to get lost often. Attaching a GPS tracker to something they always wear can help them keep track of their location at all times and allow them to retrieve the seniors if they have wandered off too far away. Losing a loved elder or patient need not be a worry anymore. 

A GPS tracker will also benefit seniors with dogs. If you have a large dog that got loose, it is easier to locate them with a GPS than wandering aimlessly through your neighborhood. 

Nearly everyone has an elderly person in their life, and these gadgets can help them keep the elders happy and safe. But the most important thing to remember while taking care of elders is to pay attention and give them the love they need. This will keep them happier than any gadget will.

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