6 Fun Ways For Kids To Spend More Time Outside

Kids don't often venture outside if they have the option to stay inside with technology. However, the benefits of being outdoors are many, and you can find creative ways to help your kids spend more time outside. Try these tips to get them started.

Get a Pool

You don't need to have an underground pool put in to have fun in the sun all summer. Look for the right type of inflatable or hard plastic pool for your backyard, and your child can stay cool even when the weather heats up.

It's essential to find a pool containing harmful materials since they can pose health risks for young children. Vinyl and PVC are common toxic materials used in kiddie pools, but you can avoid them if you find the right product.

The best hard plastic kiddie pool is often safer than an inflatable option since it's sturdy and generally made with better materials. No matter what type of pool you choose, always supervise your children when they are near water.


Geocaching is a way to connect with nature and other people, even if you aren't seeing them face-to-face. Simply download a geocaching app and follow the clues to the items you hope to find. You will pick up what you find and leave something there for someone else.

Kids learn how to navigate and feel the excitement of finding the right location. Most apps give users the chance to choose easy, medium, or challenging levels, so your child can choose their comfort level. Geocaches can be in state parks and other wooded areas, but they can also be hidden right in the city. That's why this activity is a good option no matter where you live.

Create a Nook

Creating a backyard nook is a fun way to help kids have adventures outdoors. You can put up a hammock and designate it as a place to read, draw, or bird watch. You can also use a tent to set up personal space for your child to rest after exploring.

Breaking your outside space into nooks helps kids find a purpose for each area, and it may encourage them to stay outside longer. You can even take inside activities outdoors, such as painting or a Lego building, by putting a table and chairs where your kids can use them. They have a place to imagine and create without leaving the backyard.

Fly a Kite

Though only possible on windy days, flying a kite is something that can keep your child entertained for hours. The challenge of getting a kite in the air and then finding a way to keep it there appeals to most people. There's also plenty of exercises involved since your child will probably have to jog or run to get the kite started.

You can also give your child supplies and instructions to make a kite. You likely have everything you need around the house, and this will give your child true ownership over the process. They will better understand the science behind why and how kites work.

Grab Some Wheels

Whether your child likes to ride a bike, rollerblade, or use a scooter, simply adding wheels to the equation can keep a child outside for much longer. Children who enjoy going further distances often opt for wheels over merely walking.

It's also easier for kids to meet up if they can bike or scooter to a common area in the neighborhood. Make sure your child has the safety equipment she needs before she sets out on her journey.

Get in the Dirt

Kids like dirt, and if you are willing to deal with a little mud clean-up, they can stay busy for hours making a mess. You can offer dirt, a pail of water, and some shovels or buckets. Ensure your kids are wearing older clothes, and then prepare to see them build, destroy, and play.

If you want a more structured dirt experience, consider teaching your kids how to garden. They will still get their hands in the dirt, which is good for mental health, but they will enjoy watching something they put work into bloom over time. This teaches your kids essential skills and offers lessons in patience and daily work outdoors.

Being outside is suitable for a child's mental and physical health. Offer them guidance for time outdoors and watch them flourish.

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