6 Must-Haves for Kids Who Spend Time Outdoors

Back in the day, it used to be hard to get your kids to come inside after playing outside with their friends. But today, it’s often the other way around. Kids spend their days glued to various screens and you have to basically beg them to go on a walk. But there are so many amazing things for kids to do outside. 

Between building sand castles and playing tag with friends, there are endless fun activities you can do in nature. So if you’re fortunate enough to have a kid who actually enjoys spending time outside, you’ll definitely want to make sure they are prepared. Spending time outdoors means being in the sun for hours and rolling around in dirt, so it’s good to have the right accessories for even the more outdoorsy of kids. Be prepared and check out these 6 must-haves for kids who spend time outdoors:

  • Reusable Water Bottle

Playing outside all day in the hot sun is a recipe for disaster… and dehydration. That is, if you don’t make sure your kids stay well hydrated. If your kid loves to spend their day’s in nature, treat them to a good reusable water bottle that will keep their water cold all day long. They can even choose their own color of the bottle, so it’ll actually motivate them to drink from it. 

  • Hat 

You don’t want your kid coming home after a long day at the beach looking like a lobster. To prevent this, check out a sun hat for kids. Not only are sun hats cute, but also they will keep your child protected from those harmful UV rays. You can get a hat with a neck cape or chin strap for even more added protection.

  • First-Aid Kit

Accidents happen. It’s always good to be prepared. There is bound to come a day when your kid comes running home with a splinter or a bug bite. Rather than getting all worried, just have a first-aid kit on hand. All you really need is some bandaids, ointment, and wipes and you should be good for all your kids’ outdoor mishaps.

  • Walkie-Talkies

Walkie-talkies are great if your kids are still too young to have a phone but you want a way of getting in touch with them. They’re great for parents, but also for kids to play with their friends! That way, if your kids wander a little bit too far on a game of hiding and seek, you can easily find out where they went.

  • Rain Coat

If your kids are truly outdoorsy, they will enjoy going in nature- rain or shine. So for those rainy days, you will want to have a raincoat to keep them dry. A good raincoat will keep your kid warm on a cold rainy day, so they can be free to roam around (and even jump in a puddle or two). 

  • Backpack

Your kids need a place where they can store all their outdoor accessories, right? A backpack will do just that. Your kids can put their water bottle, hat, magnifying glass — whatever they carry around with them on their outdoor adventures. A backpack is a definite must-have for kids who love the outdoors.

Having a kid who wakes up wanting to go play outside is every parent’s dream. But as exciting as that is, it’s also important to make sure they are prepared for any mishaps that may happen. You don’t want your kids coming home dehydrated with a sunburn, now do you? These must-haves will come in handy for even the most outdoorsy of kids. 

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