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6 Myths About Contraception That You Shouldn’t Believe In

Contraception is a method or tool used to prevent conception. It is sometimes referred to as birth control, family planning, or fertility control. While birth control is widely used, there are several misconceptions surrounding it. These beliefs can have a severe influence on a person's health and view of birth control if left unchecked.

Contraception is a very personal decision that every woman should be aware of. No technique will fit everyone, but it is critical to clear up any misconceptions regarding contraception so that you can make a safe and successful decision. Here is a list of six myths about contraception that you shouldn't believe in.

1. The rhythm method is the most reliable type of contraception

Indeed, a woman is more likely to become pregnant at a particular time of the month, accurately tracking and forecasting her fertility requires a regular cycle and vigilant attention to changes in her periods, cervical mucus, and/or body temperature. Using your cycle as a contraceptive method is known as the "rhythm technique" or "fertility awareness method," and it is around 76-88 percent effective. While it can be a valuable tool for family planning, it is not the most reliable form of contraception.

2. If you've been using hormonal contraceptives for a long time, you should take a break.

One of the most generally held misconceptions is that the contraceptive pill might harm you over a lengthy period of use. However, as long as it has been working effectively from the start, there is no reason for that to alter. The pill had a greater hormone dosage one or two decades earlier, therefore the rare side effects might have appeared more frequently. However, this doesn't imply that they would abolish ovarian or reproductive functions. Finally, no rest time is required since the ovaries don’t become exhausted or permanently inhibited.

3. Hormonal contraception can make you infertile

Using birth control will not make it any more difficult for you to conceive in the future. If you discontinue your birth control, you are technically free to become pregnant immediately or soon after. The injection may take a little longer to exit your system than other methods of hormonal contraception, but it doesn't cause infertility. If you stop using birth control and have a disease like PCOS or endometriosis that interferes with a conception, it may be more difficult to become pregnant.

4. All types of contraception can prevent STDs

Barrier contraception options, such as condoms, can minimize the risk of transferring several sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs). However, these treatments cannot prevent all STIs, and there is no safe way to have intercourse with someone who has an STI. Herpes, for example, may thrive on regions of the genitals that condoms don’t cover. Hormonal birth control, permanent sterilization, fertility awareness, IUDs, and other approaches still allow STIs to transmit from one partner to the other during sex.

5. You are free to purchase any birth control pills you like

There are several types of birth control pills on the market, and many women believe they may purchase whichever box they choose. However, if you have decided to utilize birth control pills, you should visit a gynecologist for a consultation. There are several forms of birth control pills, and only a specialist can advise you on which one to use.

6. Hormonal contraception causes weight gain

Many of us have heard of women gaining weight suddenly after starting the pill. However, no research has shown a link between the tablet and weight increase. Although it may cause little water retention for the first three months as your body adjusts. There are drugs, on the other hand, that induce weight reduction owing to their diuretic action.

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