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6 Reasons Why Lead Generation Software Will Help Improve Your Blog

Businesses everywhere thrive on finding good leads to create more sales. One tactic more businesses are smartly including on their websites is a blog offering helpful information and continual reasons why a prospective customer should choose that business. Though a blog is an important element of savvy marketing, good content is not enough to generate leads all on its own. As a result, businesses are turning to lead generation software to help improve their blogs and their outreach to new customers.

What is Lead Generation Software?

Generating good leads is developed through the process of attracting and converting potential customers who have already expressed an interest in your business and what you offer. Lead generation software centralizes the process to make it easier for customers to learn more about your product or service resulting in more purchases and higher revenue.

Lead generation software makes it easier for businesses to create different methods to identify and reach interested customers. Your blog’s outreach can expand with customized email drip campaigns to include essential elements such as landing pages, opt-in forms, analytics, and more.

Here are six primary reasons why using lead generation software will help improve your business blog too.

1. Less Outbound Marketing, Larger Inbound Marketing

Unknown but potential customers who initiate an interest in your business are called an inbound market. They are easier to persuade to buy than when a business initiates contact. After you identify this group of potential customers, then you can decide if they are ready to be converted into a viable, “qualified” lead to whom you can make an actual sale.

Leads are qualified by collecting specific information about them so you can determine if they truly have an interest in your product. How much information is enough to make that determination varies depending on the nature of your business. Lead generation software can help you whittle down which information you most need while helping your customers walk through the conversion process so they ultimately decide to buy, perhaps even repeatedly.


2. Tailored Content with IP Tracking

Very likely, you already use a Google Analytics plugin such as MonsterInsights or you have learned how to navigate the Google Analytics interface itself to keep track of visitors to your website. Analytics are good for getting a sense of general numbers, but it does not give you much information about individual visitors and which pages they are viewing.

Certain lead generation software, on the other hand, gives you the ability to track IP addresses, which are unique numerical codes that identify a computer when it accesses the Internet Protocol on a network. With IP tracking, you can specifically target who is visiting your website and what they are doing there, all without them submitting any forms.

Tracking IP addresses provides valuable, real-time data that helps you determine how to tailor your content to unique visitors and measure performance, giving you an edge over your competition. You can learn how they found you, what they did once they landed on your website, which pages they preferred, and when it all happened. Page-level targeting can make an enormous difference to your ROI.

All this information helps you to know which content works and which do not, how best to funnel them through your website so your percentage of sales increases.

3. Built-in Analytics

Other types of lead generation software such as OptinMonster have a built-in analytic ability that is different from IP tracking and can often integrate with other analytic programs.

Built-in analytics allow you to measure visitor traffic so you can see the conversion rate of an individual opt-in form on any given page. Understanding exactly where your visitors are clicking and converting gives you better insight into how to present your content and grow your audience so you get a better ROI.

Another benefit of the built-in analytics option available through plugins like OptinMonster is that the data is centralized. Collecting and analyzing data can be time-consuming, but lead generation software allows you to centralize the data you generate from your email campaigns, website traffic, and social media encounters. Having all the data in one place makes it easier for you to determine who your best customers or audience are so you can tailor your content and sales more efficiently without having to jump between various reports and lists.

4. Better A/B Split Testing

A/B testing is a common element of any marketing campaign. The idea is simple: two versions of the same campaign are created and tested on a predetermined portion of an audience. Whichever version results in more subscriptions or sales is the one chosen for use with the remaining audience.


Tailoring your content and knowing the right time to push for customer conversion often takes trial and error. Lead generation software makes it easier to personalize your content and sales campaigns once you have identified your target audience.

In the past, A/B testing has been a complicated process. Lead generation software allows you take out the assumption of what your audience wants to see so you can offer them interesting, relevant information about your product or service.

5. Integration with Your Email Service

Lead generation software would not be worth its weight if it did not integrate with your email provider. Thankfully, however, the software works seamlessly with most providers so you can implement your campaigns and grow your subscriber list more effortlessly.

The software also integrates easily with WordPress as a plugin, making it simple to setup and customize, often taking a minimal amount of time to do. If you are new to WordPress, take the time to go through this tutorial for beginners before you get started.

6. More Presence on Mobile Devices

Most everyone these days has some kind of mobile device they use on a regular basis. The popularity means that reaching mobile users has become more vital to marketing strategies than ever before. Lead generation software can help you reach that segment of customers with targeted messaging.

Most commonly, the software has mobile-responsive templates that works across all devices. However, certain software analyzes user behavior so you can specifically target your message to increase download and sale rates. For example, you can set the timing and location of a pop-up ad, set the pop-up to only activate on new visitors or on returning customers, and allow click-throughs on your images to a sale page.

Targeting mobile users is rapidly becoming the primary way to reach a customer. Lead generation software makes it easier.

It’s All About Good Marketing

There are many reasons why lead generation software can help improve your blog and increase your customer conversion rates. By understanding your customers’ behavior and how best to reach them, you can expand your outreach and improve efficiency while giving them what they want and keep them coming back for more. It is what good marketing is all about.


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