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6 reasons why shy students should be attending summer school

The academic journey of each student is different. Often, certain personality and temperamental traits can interfere with a student’s development in school, that’s why parents should notice any issues on time and help their children pursue the right course of action.

If you’ve concluded that your kid is usually shy, especially when it comes to school environments, you might be currently searching for solutions to help them overcome the barriers imposed by their temperament. An option worth looking into is sending them to summer school. An experience of this kind can provide multiple strong benefits to students, especially to those who often struggle with shyness. If you want to be sure that this is the right way to go here, understanding the subject more in-depth will be necessary.

Here are some of the reasons shy students should attend summer schooling programs:

Getting out of their comfort zone

Pushing boundaries can be very important when it comes to achieving academic improvements despite a shy temperament. Your kid is already used to the school they’re attending throughout the year, and might have managed to get involved in the classroom just because they’re accommodated to the said environment. However, once they step into a different setting, keeping up with academic demands can seem more complicated. In order for a student to still do great in school, and in life, despite their introverted characteristics it’s important for them to get out of their comfort zone as often as possible.

One of the first things summer schooling can provide students with is an entirely new learning setting. Exploring an unfamiliar environment can be challenging for the shy-type of person, but in the long-run, the returns are quite appealing. Whether you opt for Cambridge summer schools such as the ones you can discover at Immerse, or you find an institution close to where you live, one thing remains certain – your kid will be pushed outside their comfort zone, and this will only help them self-improve on various area, not just academically-related.

New social interactions

Summer schools usually focus quite a lot of teamwork. Because these instructions welcome students from different cities or countries, and from all backgrounds, the social circle of your kid can easily extend during the time they spend at that institution. Overcoming the barriers of shyness is possible when your kid will be put in new social situations. Although being shy often means dealing with social anxiety, the activities and courses included in a summer school’s program help students fight any problems they might have with socializing. Because they will need to constantly communicate with educators and other students, people they’ve just recently met, your kid can work on their temperament and reach improvements.

Presentations and talking in front of a crowd

While regular school curriculums sometimes incorporate presentations in front of the class, few are the courses that actually focus on open talks and discussions in front of a crowd. A summer school’s program, on the other hand, is far more flexible here. The learning approach ensured is usually one that is based on constant communication, collaborations between peers and presentations on different topics. When a student is actually put in the situation of having to speak in public, they can more easily combat an apprehensive-prone behavior. If your kid gets used to talking in front of a crowd, the usual issues caused by their shy temperament will be ameliorated. With each new challenge, less fear will be involved, and they will develop a new perspective and attitude, things that will help them in school and in other life areas as well.

Environment that fosters self-confidence

From practical courses to seminars and extracurricular activities, the schedule of a summer school is designed around the purpose of fostering self-confidence. Because students get the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and improve or develop skill sets, a majorly positive impact will be felt in terms of self-esteem as well. A boost in confidence might just be the thing your kid needed to stop letting their shy behavior affect their academic journey. You can look into the itinerary of any great summer school institution, and you’ll see for yourself that students are helped to become more confident individuals.

Less pressure than regular school

One great thing about summer school is that there is less pressure involved. Students don’t focus that much on obtaining the highest grades, but more on actually learning something. These types of programs are designed to help students in their interpersonal development as well, not just with their academic performance only, so the courses held there will target social and soft skills. Without high level of competition, your kid can feel more relaxed and actually become more active during classes and school activities, without fearing failure. Educators will usually encourage each student to participate, to be active, to ask questions, and with less pressure, most students will actually have the courage to do so.  

Summer school keeps students active

From physical activity programs to games and outdoor learning routines, at summer school, students discover an entirely different format than what they’ve been used to. Keeping themselves active, socially and academically, through summer will make their transition to the next school years easier on them. After spending a few months without classes, going back to school can be rather overwhelming the shy typology, so a summer program can prevent this type of issue. While far less stressful than regular school, this option determined students to stay on track of their academic and personal growth.

Shyness can truly impact a student’s academic development, and that’s why, as a parent, you should find optimal solutions that ca ameliorate the issue. If your kid deals with a problem of this kind, a summer school experience might be just what they need at the moment. As you can see, there are a few strong reasons why this type of summer program is beneficial for students who are a bit more apprehensive. However, keep in mind that you should be choosing the right option here.

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