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6 signs it’s time to replace or repair your sump pump

Certain areas of the home are vulnerable to flooding. As a matter of fact, each house has some level of risk for flooding, which is why it’s important to have a sump pump. The sump pump protects the dwelling by keeping moisture at a low level and reducing the risk of mold build-up. If the sump pump fails to do its job, consequential damages will arise. It’s very important to identify the problem ahead of time when it comes down to your home’s plumbing. What are signs that something is wrong with the sump pump? Keep an eye out for the following events.

1.      Ageing

The sump pump doesn’t last for a lifetime. It has a life expectancy of about 10 years, the life expectancy depending on many factors like size, maintenance, and usage. Do you have an idea how old your sump pump is? The small pump may be showing signs of aging and you don’t even realize it. As it gets older, it will require repairs. If you have reason to believe that the household appliance is getting closer to the end of its lifespan, you should better contact a plumber and have it replaced. After taking one good look at the sump pump, the expert will tell if what state it’s in. If it’s time to retire this small but sturdy pump, you’ll know. Specialists know things. If you’ve been in your home for years, it’s a good idea to have the sump pump replaced, even if it’s not faulty.

2.      Strange noises

Does the sump pump make strange noises? If yes, that’s reason for concern. When the household appliance isn’t functioning properly, it makes all kinds of noises. Don’t let any sort of noise go unchecked because the dwelling may flood the next time a storm comes by. Sounds coming from the sump pump can point out worn or damaged parts. The following noises warrant a call to the pros:

  • Clanging – When water is pushed through the system’s piping, you may hear an unfamiliar clanging noise because the pipe is hitting the pump’s basin or the well’s wall.
  • Gurgling – Gurgling noises are the result of water flowing through the discharge pipe. A check valve at the pump would solve the problem.
  • Noisy motor – New sump pumps are very quiet as opposed to older models. The sound of the pump running shouldn’t be reassuring because something may be wrong with the system. If you notice unusual sounds coming from the motor, turn off the sump pump immediately and call an expert.

3.      Foul basement odors

Yes, you should be worried if your sump pump smells like sulfur, as this could be a sign of accumulation of mold and mildew. The small pump is a true lifesaver, but it isn’t perfect. The household appliance can let you down when you need it the most. To get rid of the foul odor, use a bleach solution to scrub down the sides of the basin. Keep in mind that a foul odor can indicate a much serious problem. Sump pumps work by collecting the water from beneath the foundation of the home and pumping it away from the dwelling. Some of the water that’s making its way to your home contains waste material, which can leave an unpleasant smell. Those smells are trying to tell you that something isn’t right. There might be sewage infiltration or standing water may stagnate. No matter what it is, you have to get to the bottom of the problem.

4.      Running all the time

So, the sump pump is running all the time. This could be due to a switch problem. To be more precise, the household appliance is stuck on the “ON” position. The small pump is working continuously, so it can easily overheat and even break down. The problem can be solved, but you have to act in time. The household appliance isn’t capable of handling the water load as it’s supposed to. In this case, it’ll be necessary to replace the unit. If the sump pump in your basement isn’t doing anything when the water levels rise, don’t wait to install a new one. A sales person can recommend what replacement is the best. To make sure everything is done by the book, consult with a technician or an expert. Plumbing professionals are available 24/7, so they can lend a helping hand.

5.      Broken check valve

Sump pump check valve failure can happen for numerous reasons. How do you know if the check valve is bad? Look for leaky or moisture on seals and see how the water backwashes into the basin during rainstorms. If you have to replace the check valve, make sure you’re making the right choice. Products vary in size based on the manufacturer. A professional service usually has many valves in stock, so you don’t have to worry your head about finding the perfect replacement. The professionally involved check valve will prevent a little bit of damage, if it’s deployed the right way. To avoid check valve failure in the future, pay attention to things like clogs, electric power outages, frozen discharge pipes, and old age. With time, the sump pump check valve wears out and it needs to be replaced.

6.      No operation

Is your sump pump running? If not, it’s understandable why you’re upset. The household appliance has let you down when you needed it the most. The weather hazards have affected your country and the unit doesn’t send water away from the home. When a problem arises, you can’t fix it on your own. Professionals are here to help, so don’t hesitate to ask for their assistance. An expert can offer a great deal of insight into the matter and help you choose a unit that’s right for your home. Call in the pros and have them take a close look at the sump pump.

To sum up, the sump pump can stop functioning properly. Failure to do its job means that your home will be filled with water. If you happen to notice any of the abovementioned signs, get the small pump replaced or repaired right away.

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