6 Simple ways to revive your dying relation on this Mothers' Day.

                                         ” I love you, Mom” 

          Do these words resonate as a soothing feeling or create an uncomfortable sensation?

When was the last time you expressed yourself to your mother?

Sounds complicated , no straight answer !!

Ask yourself one last question.

Do you want to make it up to her, this Mother’s Day?


As a mother, are you waiting for a wish from your once loved and now forgotten child(ren)?

One of the first relations which we develop in life is with mother. Electronics equipment comes with manual, we are delivered to earth with mother.

We tend to love our mothers when we are kids and dependent, but with time we lose that touch. The arms which felt like alluring pillow, now feels like bonds of obligation.

There are certain circumstances, when we start doubting this pure relation, but we do manage to bounce back. We restore the damage and move the righteous way. But no always!

The cracks on cliff widens to the extent, that cliff can only fall apart.

Mend this crack at the every beginning.

We survive on this earth by nurturing our bonds, justifying the fact – ‘Human is a social animal’. Why rot a relation which eventually eats up every piece of happiness in our well-preserved life?

On this Mother’s Day, I extend my thoughts to help people running away from fact that is an everlasting relation called 'Mother and child'. You may have relationship status as a distant checkout or cannot stand a chance of one another.There is still hope!


When is Mother's day ?

Mother's Day occurs each year on the second Sunday of May in most countries, including the United States, Canada, much of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, and India.

In the UK and Ireland, however, it occurs on the fourth Sunday in Lent, and most Arab countries celebrate it at the Spring Equinox in March

Try some very simple ways to spend time with her sitting at home.

You possibly would be under lock down or under restricted move, it still does not stop you from expressing your selves. 

1. Make a call. Pick up the phone!

 A simple wish call is the most effective and quickest way to establish connection with each another. It doesn’t matter on the length of call, it is the intention of the moment that makes whole difference. If you live together, do not hold back. Use simplest words possible.

 Mothers might not be looking for fancy overloaded words of feeling, they might just want to be remembered for what they are – Mothers. Love only multiples many folds when you give away.

2. Make a dish. Very yummy!

 It is wonderful to celebrate by satisfying our hunger palates. Try to make a simple dish or a drink or may wish to try hands in baking.  She can make a wish while blowing candles. Let her live that moment again!

It could be related to her favorite food or may be your own favorite. Don’t forget to dedicate to her.

If you are miles away, share a picture/video of your creation or maybe you can cook along with your mother on video call/face time. It is a great conversation starter.


 3. Make a card. Pick up the pen and paper!

If it looks like a gigantic task to pick up the phone and let words do the magic. Try making a card with some message. It is easier to write and share.

You can also include your personalized feeling or drawing or an event of common interest or a moment spend together or maybe you look forward to spending together.

Difficult to pick pen and paper as well! Don’t worry, just use same phone you are using to read the blog to find online card. It will understand you more than you do.

 It is the beauty of online data processing and history. Create as lively a card as your feelings go and there you go. 

4. DIY. Yes you can do it !

In this trending world of Do-It-Yourself, there anything or everything that can be done at home.

If she like cosmetics, you can make soap or home-made face packs or may be restore her old dress. If you loved craft as a child, time to give wings to your imagination once again.  

Did you try doing manicure at home together. I did! Trust me it was fun.

If you are not nearby, try to help her remotely with simple DIY steps.Talk  about favorite hobby - makeup, very exciting. You can enlighten her with latest trends and tricks.You never know, you both might end up doing same makeup and sharing over.

5. Open an old album. At times, it is good to take a step back!

Nothing touches the heart than good old memories. Look for old photo album from your childhood. It would contain loads of pictures of mom and family.


Dive deep into those innocent times. Try and talk to your mom about those days, she would have a repository of your relished moments. Visualize and express , time is no limit.


Physically away from mother. Don’t stop your emotions to flow to past. Thanks to online albums and data. Open your treasury of shared folder or album of your phone.

6. Book the day. You have 365 day a year!

Not able to reach out to her this Mother day, book another day. Mark a day in both calendars and find time in your clock to meet her.

You may book a restaurant or visit her place to mark the day. It is never too late to make someone happy.


Mother’s Day is to memorize a essential relation that exists in our life.

Every day is Mother’s Day, she is the rock on which can lean in hard time. The same rock helps us to stand up again.


When I joined engineering college, I participated in an event called ‘Freshers Eve’. It was a like beauty pageant to select the smartest girl and boy as Miss and Master Fresher from first year.

This competition used to be the talk of town!

I was asked question – ‘Who is more important - God or mother’?

I used the famous the Jewish proverb in my speech, which is very close to my own heart –

“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers”.

(Hands down, I won – ‘Miss fresher ' title). Important is - The truth prevails.


For all the mothers, who may not receive any wish.

Don’t lose heart! You did your best in your duty!

Go reward yourself on this day. Do what rejuvenates you. Go to your happy place.

Play an old-time music and tape your feet with youth. Cook the best for yourself. Watch a movie you always wanted to see. Wear your best dress. Unwind all old sad attached strings.

Look into the mirror and applaud yourself. Being mother is no joke!


Happy Mother’s Day to all.







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