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In a world where our energy signature becomes stronger than our digital signature, alternative treatments are the newest target of the entire company world. For the vast majority of women leaders, juggling is as good as learning how to balance their energies. More than ever, the abundance of tools and treatments available is a miracle, just like the many therapies that the moms can do. Here are some of the most effective alternatives we've had last year.

1) Sound therapy

At the same time, it has been proven that sound therapy, the simplest speech word in the world of treatments, is scientifically triggered in-depth to enable improvement of delta-brainwave states and significantly reduce stress. Voice therapy transforms leading musicians into healers and literally creates waves around the world. It is easy to find the right hertz (or sound wave) to adjust deep brain levels, creating immune-relaxing, immune-boosting chemicals in the body. All he has to do is sit back and let the music be captured.

2) Quantum Healing Meditation by Joe Dispenza

In recent years, Joe Dispenza storms the global brain training scene. The most popular "You the Placebo" has sold millions of copies worldwide. If one wants to create a new body, open up unlimited possibilities and train to improve what he wants, he doesn't have to look any further than the arsenal of meditation or brain training techniques of this excellent doctor. The woman who always believes in magic can find her final wand here.

3) Recovery of the inner child

Emotional wounds and negative models in childhood manifest as mental conflicts, emotional drama and unexplained pain in adulthood. Trained therapists can identify where these blockages come from and may help to heal deep wounds. It's as simple as it sounds, it's hard to travel back through time. As you are in power to get a ride like taxi vienna to get back in time.However, strong women leaders do not allow the past to define the present or to shape their future. If a lady is ready for a bright new essence, this is the starting line!

4) Art therapy with mandalas

Color someone? Mandala workshops and books have become increasingly popular in recent years. No doubt, he believed in the power of symbols and sacred geometry to correct all imbalances in the body, even for ancient Vedic texts. Painting Mandalas is a deep experience of meditation that brings old wounds to the surface and transforms them into light. Also a big plus for all female managers: this is the funniest way to improve concentration and concentration levels!

5) Holographic healing

Now in a world where everything is 3D, the language of the brain is actually holographic images. This is the foundation of the vision living course established by Ilona Selke, and vibration improvement is at the forefront. He teaches us how to turn our vision and our dreams into reality. If you are a meticulous leader on vision and mission statements, there is no better tool to quickly turn any target into reality.

6) Dream Analysis

This is for all the dreamers there! Dreams speak in the language of certain symbols. No, the things thrown by our tired subconscious mind are not just weird. In fact, these are clear analytical messages that the brain tries to convey to consciousness. Finding a dream analyst who can decode this symbolic language can help all women leaders guide them through these difficult decisions!

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