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Six Things You Need to Know Before Trying CrossFit

Have you made the decision to be more physically active and give a new sport a try? Are you looking to inject a little fun, interest, and challenge into your routine? If so, then there’s a good chance that CrossFit…

A Regular Babysitter Is What Every Mom Needs

Moms need a babysitter. It's a fact that has been proven time and time again. Moms can only handle so many tasks at hand.  

As it is, taking care of the kids is a handful already; add to that the household chores and errands moms need to do as well. If moms don't get any…


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6 Things That You Should Know about Canvas Tote Bags

Most businesses prefer promotional canvas tote bags for their advertising needs. This is because canvas is more appealing with regards to custom bag material and chances are that the imprinted shopping bag that you see next is made of natural canvas. Canvas is an ideal fabric because of several good reasons. They are as follows.

 Excellent strength to weight ratio

 Promotional shopping bags are made of canvas, a strong material. Canvas is made using plain weave technique. This knitting method produces a fabric that is extremely strong and offers as much strength as the much heavier materials. You can pack your bag full of groceries on the custom canvas bags because they can handle the weight without tearing up.

 Highly durable

 Tote bags are made using canvas which is manufactured from cotton, a natural material. Cotton is known to be a highly durable material. The same plain weave which makes canvas material strong also makes it long lasting. A canvas bag will last for many years and sometimes decades depending on its use without wearing through or tearing.

 Perfect for imprinting

 Canvas is an excellent material for imprinting. This is because it is very receptive to ink transfers. Canvas easily accepts color and ink tends to set well without any bleeding. Furthermore, once it is set, the ink is resistant to rubbing off, flaking, and fading. This means that your marketing message will be imprinted on the canvas for a long period of time and will be visible.

 Environmentally friendly

 Custom reusable totebags are manufactured from cotton which is a renewable resource. In addition, cotton is produced with a low environmental impact. This means that with the use of totes, businesses will help to protect the environment and enhance sustainability. These bags are also washable and reusable and therefore help to reduce the accumulation of plastic bags.


 Totes are made from canvas which is an economical fabric to manufacture. This makes custom tote bags an affordable marketing option for smaller businesses and startups. Furthermore, there are many manufacturers in the business and this means that you can easily shop around for the best deal.


Canvas does not need any special care. These tote bags can easily be tossed in the washing machine and washed with other laundry items without affecting the fabric. These bags are ideal for customers who wish to use these bags for their grocery shopping. This is because food stains and leaks can easily be washed out. Washing helps to eliminate the transfer of bacteria whenever the bag is used on subsequent shopping trips. The printed marketing message or business logo will still be clearly visible even after several washes.

 Whenever you want to market your business, you should consider reusable canvas bags. Your customers will love these bags because of their durability and the fact that they will look good even after being used and washed several times. They are a bag of choice for businesses that want to effectively market themselves and protect the environment at the same time.



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