6 Tips for Feeding Toddlers Who Don’t Like Vegetables

There are few challenges in motherhood quite like feeding a toddler. Moving targets that, once you get them buckled in for meal time, spend more time playing with food than eating it. And what was a favorite meal last week is not allowed to touch their plate this week. Don’t even get me started on getting a toddler to eat their vegetables.

Somewhere between eating choo choo train spoonfuls of mashed avocados and puréed green beans and memorizing the alphabet, kids learn that chocolate cookies taste way better than anything green. I have heard some kids love vegetables of all shapes and sizes, and always envied those moms. My kids are now tweens and I have learned that even if they love a vegetable one day, doesn’t mean it wont make the ‘no way’ list before they leave for university!

I have been creative including vegetables in unexpected places, and now that the kids are older, it has become a game of “guess the vegetable in those brownies, cookies, eggs, spaghetti sauce.” I have taught them the importance of healthy eating along the way so they have fun with our little game and as long as they don’t see a train of brussel sprouts coming, it is all good...Continue reading at The Mommyhood Project

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