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6 Tips For Planning Kids Birthday Party On A Budget


The smile on your child’s face can melt your heart when you tell him that you are throwing a celebration for his birthday. But the news can be hard for your wallet considering the expenses of the party can shoot beyond the skies.

Lenzo reveals that the average expense for a birthday party can range anywhere between $300 to $10,000. However, you can always take this skyrocketing investment to what suits your budget. Several tips can help you plan a kid’s birthday party in a way that it chops the extensive costs, leaving both you and your kid happy.

Here’s a look at some excellent tips that can help you save money:

1. Plan ahead of the kids birth date

When you are short on time, you tend to spend a lot just so that you can throw as good a party as you quickly can. This equates with a budget-blowout. Therefore, you need to plan months before the celebration date.

This gives you sufficient time to surf low-budget party ideas. On top of that, you can purchase party props whenever they are on sale or are available at a reasonable price.

2. Send out e-invites for the birthday party

While paper invites are cute, they can quickly add to the costs. A survey of 1,500 parents reveals that 73% of the hosts send out paper invitations for their kids birthday party. You can slash the celebration costs by sending out digital invitations. These tend to be free and can also assist in saving time, stamps, and supplies.

3. Make birthday party decorations yourself

Get some decoration supplies such as glitter, glue, and color paper and get started with creating party decorations. You can also ask your child to help. Furthermore, you can make origami flowers and cranes as well. Pinterest and the internet are rife with tutorials that can teach you how to create your party decorations.

4. Carefully select the party’s timing

When trimming the budget of your kid’s birthday party celebration, timing is key. Don’t invite guests at a time when they expect an entire meal. For instance, if you plan the celebration around dinner, the children’s parents will assume that you will send them back to their homes with a full belly.

In this context, the author of Against All Grain: Celebrations recommends that you host a celebration between 2 pm and 5 pm. At this time of the day, the kids are already done with their lunch, and it is too early for dinner. So, you can easily serve snacks and other refreshments.

5. Select a DIY children’s birthday party theme

Choose a theme that you can organize easily without the need for any professional help. A case in point is a superhero-themed birthday party. For the theme, you can easily make your kid’s costume at home. Make paper masks at your house too and cut our capes for balloons and water bottles.

6. Select a free or reasonably-priced location for the party

Lastly, opt for a birthday venue for children that is reasonably priced and offers entertainment for them as well. Alternatively, plan a birthday party at your home. This will help cut down the money that goes to booking a party venue.

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