6 tips on creating the right sleeping environment for your child

If you think you are the only parent struggling to get your child to sleep, think again! It isn’t just your child that refuses to go to bed at the bedtime you have decided on. All kids tend to ask for more time on computer, TV or playtime before getting in bed. However, a good night’s sleep is essential for healthy child development and growth.

Sleeping is one of the most basic human needs that no individual, nor adults, neither children, would be able to survive without. Sleep plays a huge role in laying the foundation for good physical and mental health and is essential for a strong immune system, memory, metabolism functioning, and other vital functions of the human body.

You may not be aware of how important the sleeping environment of your child is in their willingness to go to bed when you tell them to and how much of an impact it can have on the quality of the sleep.  Specialists explain that the sleeping environment is extremely important for getting quality rest. The physical space and the way the location makes your child feel can influence their readiness to get their body and mind to rest. Here’s how to create the right bedroom environment for your child that promotes a good night’s sleep.  

1.      Why is a good night’s sleep important for your child?

According to medical specialists, quality sleep can play a key role in helping your child fight a number of health conditions and have great academic performance. Quality sleep is essential for the healthy development of the brain and other vital function of your child. Moreover, lack of sleep can lead to a number of health problems such as insomnia, poor mental health, heart diseases, and diabetes.

Thus, your child needs to get the necessary amount of sleep to grow healthy. Medical specialists explain that, when they are still in the development process, kids need between 9 and 11 hours of sleep. This number of hours is vital for them to be able to remain healthy and have enough energy to fulfill all their day activities such as attending school or kindergarten, playing sports, and other extracurricular activities.

2.      Eliminate electronic devices

In today’s digital world, one of the biggest challenges that parents face is to limit the time their kids spend using electronic devices. You are probably familiar with asking your child to go to sleep when bedtime arrives and being told that they want to spend more time at the computer or the TV.

Kids today have been interacting with technological devices from very young ages and they are extremely drawn to spend all their free time playing on their devices. However, medical specialists warn parents that allowing their kids to spend time in front of the screens before bedtime can actually strongly interfere with their sleep. The blue light that comes from the screen of the devices tends to prolong the time needed to fall asleep. Leaving electronic devices in your child’s bedroom will only distract them from getting to bed and could interfere with the quality of their sleep.

3.      Prepare the bed sanctuary

The focal point of any bedroom is the bed which is why it is a key element for a good night’s sleep.  When preparing your child’s bed for offering quality good night’s sleep, you need to consider the comfort it offers, body support, and how it feels.

The way the bed feels when your child lies down to get some rest can play a huge role in encouraging them to fall asleep and feel comfortable all night long. One of the most important elements of your child’s bed sanctuary is the mattress. The mattress is extremely important for offering the right body support and to promote a healthy sleeping posture.  

Secondly, you should consider preparing your child’s bed with high-quality kids quilt covers for a comfortable and smooth feeling. The bedsheets and covers are the ones that will provide your child with the feeling of warmth and comfort that will help them sleep all night long.  

4.      Avoid leaving any light in the room

Your child, like all other kids, may feel scared about sleeping in the dark and ask you to leave a lamp on. However, it is recommended to avoid leaving any light on in the sleeping environment as it may interfere with your child’s internal clock and affect their sleeping cycles.

Exposure to light during sleep can induce energy and alertness in your child’s body, thus keeping them awake or prolonging the time until they fall asleep. If your child insists on having a light on during the night, you should consider a small lamp or leaving the light on in the hallway.

5.      Set the thermostat

According to medical specialists, the temperature in the sleeping environment can have a strong impact on your child’s sleep. Human bodies and brain simply can’t rest well if they are feeling too cold or too hot.

Although specialists recommend 15 to 19 degree Celsius as the right temperature for the bedroom environment, it should all come to your child’s personal preferences. Set the thermostat in your child’s bedroom depending on the season to ensure that the room temperature won’t interfere with their sleep.

6.      Choose calming colors

You probably never thought about the importance of the colors you choose for the sleeping environment of your child. When choosing colors, most parents only decide the color pallet of their kids’ bedroom depending on the gender of their child. However, the psychology of color explains that for bedroom environments, parents should go for warm and relaxing colors that promote the right mindset and readiness for rest.

It seems that certain colors can trigger certain emotions and moods that can help your child relax and fall asleep faster. For the bedroom environment, interior designers recommend choosing calming colors such as blue, green, or yellow to help your child release all tension they have been gathering throughout the day and get a good night’s sleep.

Quality night’s sleep is a key element for the healthy growth and development of your child. Thus, creating the right environment in their bedrooms should be one of your top priorities to ensure they can get the necessary amount of sleep.

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