6 Tips to Getting Your Home Ready for Summe

The summer is quickly approaching, and you know what that means: beach days, fun outdoor activities, and barbecues with friends. The summer is undoubtedly one of the best times of the entire year, filled with a carefree and happy feeling. But as summer has quickly begun to creep up on us, it’s important not to forget about the toll that winter might have taken on our homes. 

The ice and snow from winter might’ve left your house completely covered in dirt and residue, which is just not a good look for the summertime. Getting your home ready for the summer means taking some time to clean your house and put away all your winter things in preparation for the warmer weather. 

You do want to come home to a nicely cleaned and organized house in the summer, don’t you? So before the summer really hits, be sure to follow these 6 tips to getting your home ready for summer:

  • Replace Air Conditioner Filters

After spending all day in the blistering hot sun, there’s nothing better than walking into a cold house. Good air conditioning is essential in the summertime, and that starts with replacing your air conditioner filters. It is good to change your filters every 90 days, to ensure that the air is moving freely throughout your house.

  • Stop Using Your Furnace

It’s hot enough in the summer, you definitely don’t need a furnace on. Everyone should make it a point to turn off their furnaces over the summer, as it will save you money on your energy costs. But before you turn it off, just make sure to clean it, change the filters, and turn off the pilot. It is also crucial to test your carbon monoxide detector any time you turn on or off your furnace.

  • Clean Your Walkway

There is a good chance your walkway is looking a little rough after the wear and tear of winter. So to get your home ready for summer, it will probably need some deep cleaning. Pressure-wash the walkway and trim the bushes so it will look good as new for all your summer visitors.

  • Clean Out Your Closet

There is something so refreshing about cleaning out your closet for the start of a new season. So to get your home ready for the summer, make sure you take some time to clean out and organize your closet. Get rid of all your heavy jackets and sweaters, it’s time for shorts and dresses. 

  • Clean Your Windows

The snow and dirt from the winter has likely made your windows in need of some serious cleaning. Having natural light come into your house in the summertime is ideal, and that means having clean windows. It is also a good idea to swap out your heavy curtains for sheer ones so you can let the light in.

  • Empty Your Fridge

Your fridge is probably long overdue for a good cleaning. To make room for all the delicious summer treats you’ll be making, spend some time emptying out your fridge and organizing your pantry. You will feel a lot better knowing that your fridge is fresh and clean just in time for summer.

With the summer quickly approaching, it’s good to spend some time preparing your house. Doing simple tasks like cleaning your walkway and organizing your closet will make all the difference in the summertime. After spending all day in the sun, there is nothing better than walking into a freshly cleaned house. Follow these simple tips and you will achieve that in no time. 

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