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6 Tips to Improving Negative Self Talk

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Think Positive

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Does your mind work in the ways of a hamster wheel? Once something bad happens you find yourself repeating it in your head? Do you find that your inner self talk is negative and constantly under a dark raining cloud?

If there was a "nay sayer debbie downer negative self talk" support group, I'm pretty sure I'd be the president. It is one thing I wish more then anything I could just snap my fingers and change about myself. It's a horrible trait to have. And really it effects not just my health, but yours as well.

Just like smoking, sugar, working out, etc; being a debbie downer and dwelling on the negatives will have a nasty negative impact on our health:

  • Decrease our life span
  • Increases our depression
  • Increases our current levels of distress
  • Decreases our resistance to the common cold
  • Increases our risk of death from cardiovascular disease
  • Increases the difficulties of having better coping skills during times of distress

Now that you've accepted and acknowledged the negative self talk, bet you're wondering how to change it. How do you break the cycle? It's not easy but consistency is the key. Stick with it. You WILL fall back into negative self talk, it's okay if you do. BUT you MUST stop and restart yourself again. Here are some tips to try to help combat the negatives.

  • The most important thing EVER is to surround ourselves with positive supporters who will do anything possible to keep our spirits up and support us.
  • Constant reminding that it is okay to have fun. Enjoy our lives, our community and our loved ones. Getting out of the house is imperative to decreasing the negative in our minds.
  • Find the beauty in our surroundings. Stop looking at the dirty dishes or piling laundry. Instead view it as signs of a happy family and being surrounded by love. Don't view the dying plants in your yard as an ugly eyesore, look at it as a fabulous opportunity to get out in the sun and recreate a new visual paradise.
  • Stop holding onto the problem what ever it is. There is ALWAYS an answer. I promise you. Look at all the possibilities that can help you conquer and solve the problem.
  • This is my favorite and I admittedly forget regularly to do this but it REALLY does help... Positive self affirmations. Stand in the mirror, don't squirm and pick out the negatives. Instead say it out loud the positives. "I LOVE my hair! I LOVE my freckles! I LOVE my cooking! I LOVE how I can always smile in the face of adversity!!" Shout it if you need to but I promise you if you do this regularly the negatives will be so far from your thinking everyone around you will notice "something" different about you.
  • And if you are still struggling, make a list. I find that at times I've made blessing lists on napkins at the restaurant, on the back of receipts while sitting in the car, or where ever I am. It is so easy to loose our way in the negatives but when we make the conscious efforts to change inner self our health will improve as well.

Go ahead, I dare you to make the change of your inner self talk. I mean what's the worse that could happen? You become a happier person and those around you notice such a positive change? Oh man that would just be so horrible, huh?


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