7 Amazing Things that You Should Need To Know About Eye Cream

The eyes always make a huge impact on how you look.  When people complement your sultry looks, that’s because you got your winged eyeliner and your curly eyelashes right.  When you’re told you look tired, it’s usually because your under eyes are bulging and you have droopy eyes.

How does Rodan + Fields Anti-Age Multi-Function Eye Cream or any other eye cream work to benefit your eyes?

Below are at least 7 facts about eye cream you need to be aware of before you start using one:


  1.  Not everybody needs an eye cream.  People with younger skin, generally those below 30 years old, do not need one.  However, if you’ve been noticing that your 20-something-year-old skin is aging prematurely then, you might as well get one.  Skincare needs change over time.  When you’re 30 and older, your basic moisturizer simply won’t be able to keep up with your skin’s rapidly changing (worsening) circumstances.


  1.  There are many reasons why an eye cream must top off your basic wrinkle cream. Enumerated below are the top 5 reasons why an eye cream may be necessary:
  • The Skin around your eyes is prone to dryness due to fewer oil glands.
  • Eye skin has a very thin fat layer.
  • Eye skin is repeatedly stretched and constricted as part of your facial expression.
  • Thin, delicate capilliaries that are prone to breakage and fluid leaks lie just underneath it.
  • Anatomically, the eye area is situated deep in the skull.


  1. Successfully executed eye makeup tricks require a good eye cream.Treating your skin thoroughly, your eyes with an eye cream is a prerequisite for a beautifully made up skin.  Skin generally responds well to plumping that is brought about by your creams so pack in your eye cream — tap and dab around your eyes.


  1.  Eye creams are differently formulated.Different brands carry varying formulations.  Some eye creams carry retinol as the main ingredient.  What does Rodan + Fields Anti-Age Multi-Function Eye Cream offer?  This product consists of antioxidants and peptides which are botanically derived, and perfect for use on all types of skin, including sensitive skin types.


  1.  Most eye creams will only give you a moisture boost. While this result is good enough to help you pull off complicated makeup tricks, it does little to bring about permanent, long-term improvements to your pressing eye skin issues.


  1.  Some eye creams simply perform better than most.  The well-formulated ones will be multi-functional because there is often a combination of skin concerns happening around your eye area all at the same time.  To begin with, a good eye cream will include three of the most beneficial antioxidants you can get from any skin care cream — Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Niacinamide.  An eye cream that folds in moisture-attracting ingredients like hyaluronic acid, anti-inflammatory ingredients like licorice, and brightening ingredients like kojic acid will work out noticeable improvements in mature skin.


  1.  Eye creams will not be able to deliver all solutions to every possible eye skin problem.  Sometimes, eye skin issues are the result of more complicated physiological problems, like an excess fat that is causing your under eyes to budge.  In this case, a surgical procedure known as blepharoplasty will have to be performed.

In many cases, the eyes and skin around it also manifest symptoms for many chronic health problems that involve iron deficiency, water retention, allergies, liver damage, and kidney infections.  When your eye skin seems to be worsening and not responding to superficial treatments, bring it to the attention of a professional because those skin issues might signal an imbalance in your system or something gravely wrong with your health condition.


Eye creams serve a very specific purpose in your skincare routine because your eye skin needs the extra, thicker, often more concentrated nourishment it can get from an eye cream.  Keep in mind that you should stay observant because those puffiness, dark under eye circles and yellowish pigments may be telling you something about your health, most especially if these don’t seem to fade.

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