A big remodel can feel overwhelming and intimidating. Even small remodels, such as, painting the bathroom or changing basic fixtures can feel time-consuming. There are a lot of things to consider when deciding to remodel any part of your home, especially the bathroom. Space concerns, budget, coloring, and style can all weigh heavily on the mind.

Bathrooms are a multi-purpose room and for most people, a nice bathroom can significantly increase overall happiness, after all, we spend a large portion of our lives in the bathroom. Whether you are on a budget, have a small space to work with or just want to give a simple refresh to your bathroom, here are 7 tips that can help you with your remodel

1. Air It Out

In order for a bathroom to be considered up to code, it needs to have some sort of ventilation. Proper ventilation also helps keep mold and mildew from taking over your nice new bathroom. Most often this comes in the form of a bathroom fan but a window is also acceptable.

When choosing and installing a vent fan for a bathroom make sure that it has the appropriate airflow for the bathroom space. It is also important that the bathroom fan does not produce much noise as it can take away from the relaxation of the room. So finding a fan that is stylish, the right
size and quite is an absolute must.

2. Light It Up: Add Better Lighting 

Similar to bathroom ventilation, bathroom lighting is a must-have. Bathrooms have a tendency to be the place people do their hair, put on makeup or generally get ready for their day. In order to do that, they need good lighting that will allow them to see themselves properly. Instead of concentrating lighting in on a place in the bathroom it should be spread out.

At a minimum include an overhead light and some lights above or around\ the vanity mirror. It would also be wise to include a simple dimmer switch so the lighting can be adjusted. An alternative to a dimmer switch is to make the bathroom smart ready. You can use smart light bulbs and include a device like a Google Home Mini or Echo Dot that will allow you to change the light levels using your voice. Some smart lights can even change color. 

3. Leave The Plumbing

The budget is one of the most important parts of a remodel. It’s important to stick to your budget while also making the most out of it. When it comes to a bathroom remodel one of the biggest budget busters is moving plumbing around.

While it may seem simple to move the plumbing fixtures around or make room for a much bigger shower or bathtub it can cause the budget to skyrocket. Unless it is absolutely needed, keep the plumbing where it is at and just update the plumbing fixtures.

Leaving the plumbing where it is at also allocates more money into upgrading the fixtures. Use the money saved for a new vanity or shower system that fits into the space you have.

4. Make The Most of What You Have

If you have a small bathroom it can be tough to make the most of the space without overcrowding the room itself. The first thing, I would think of is compact toilets that are designed for small bathrooms.

One way to make the most a small bathroom space is to add built-in recesses for things like soap, medicine cabinets, and toilet roll holders.

Recesses make use of even the smallest amounts of space and allow for more storage and less clutter in a small bathroom which gives it a more open feel. You can even add recessed lighting to really make the most out of every inch of a small bathroom.

This is also a good idea if the ceiling happens to be low. In addition to built-in recesses choosing light colors for the bathrooms, the color scheme can also help brighten the space up and make it look bigger than it is.

5. Skip The Wood

Bathroom flooring is another important decision that has to be made during a remodel. It needs to be tough enough to withstand the daily wear and tear that comes with bathrooms, as well as, the steady stream of water, steam and potential product spills. 

While it is definitely tempting to choose a wood floor for a bathroom as it brings warmth and character to a room its the least practical choice Water and steam will eventually damage the flooring and product spills could also do a number on it. Instead, choose something like tile or vinyl. Luckily in today’s modern world flooring that looks like wood can be easily found in a variety of types. 

6. To Tile or Not To Tile

When thinking of bathroom walls the image that often comes to mind is tile. While tile is a popular option because it allows for a lot of variety and even cool designs, it’s not the only option out there.

Showers are the most popular area where tile is present. For showers, in particular, there are a lot of alternatives to tile, such as acrylic panels, PVC panels, marble, stainless steel and stone resin.

Each alternative has different pros and cons so it’s up to you to decide if what alternative is best for you or if you would rather stick to tried and true tile.

7. Choose the Right Eye Catcher

When remodeling your bathroom, you likely want it to be eye-catching and fit your style well. Typically either vanity or a tub is chosen as the focal point for a bathroom.

Whatever you choose as the focal point of your bathroom make sure it adds to the bathroom and compliments your overall style. If you choose a vanity make it something that subtly stands out against the other fixtures in the room.

If choosing a bathtub make sure that meets your personal needs and also adds style and flow to the room. Lastly, decorate your focal point to fit the room and your style. 

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