Were your weekends full of relaxation, hangouts, and self-care before you decided to become a mom? I’m sure that’s the case! But, as a mom now, self-care is an entirely different story. Those recurrent occurrences of indulging in long spa sessions. Or the rejuvenating long showers followed by massaging your favorite creams and lotions. All that now seems like an impossible fantasy vacation!

Your previous laid-back routine doesn’t fit into your new role of a mom and your family schedule. Even your subscription to one of those Cox deals is getting wasted because you have no time for Netflix-binge anymore!

Don’t worry! We are going to help you get incredible ideas for your ME-time with some amazing books. Technically, reading these books also count as your me-time!

7 Best Self-Care Books for Busy Moms

1.    Mommy Reboot: A Busy Mom's Guide to Self-Care.
2.    Busy Mom's Guide to Creativity.
3.    A Moment for Mom: Self-care for Busy Moms.
4.    Gratitude and Self-Care Journal for Busy Moms: the Mom Manager.
5.    The I Love Me! Self-Care Planner and Tracker for Busy Moms.
6.    The Self-Care Solution: A Modern Mother's Must-Have Guide to Health and Well...
7.    Choose You: A Guided Self-Care Journal Made Just for You!

Let’s know some details about these books

#1. Mommy Reboot: A Busy Mom's Guide to Self-Care

Jody Agard is the author of this eye-opening, easy-to-read how-to guide on self-care. She is a self-care coach and a bestselling author. This book is comprised of inspiring stories, wise advice, and practical exercises for contemporary busy moms. The chapters are fun-sized and they help you feel less overwhelmed and stressed. You end up rebooting and finding calm in this demanding and crazy busy life with kids. You will get valuable ideas to do more of the things, which you love.

By the end, you will know self-care is a mandatory part of taking care of your children and family!

#2. Busy Mom's Guide to Creativity: A Self-Care Workbook for Moms Who Want to Infuse Their Creative Interests into Their Daily Lives

You must have experienced being isolated, easily overwhelmed and choking for some space and time. You have attention-hungry kids around you, meals to prepare, laundry to take care of, and so much more. It seems easiest to forsake the “me-time.”

This book will help you find ways and make time for all those little creative activities, which will help you feel relaxed and happy. And then, you can perform your mommy role even better. Bev Feldman has put together some inspiring ideas in this book for busy moms.

#3. A Moment for Mom: Self-Care for Busy Moms

Written by Alice Langholt, this one is another great work. A helpful guide directed to all the moms out there to achieve a balanced mind, body, spirit, and emotions. If you are a busy mom, you will end up finding yourself more present, more patient, more loving, and happier after you read this book. You need to know that there is more to life than you think.

#4. Gratitude and Self-Care Journal for Busy Moms: The Mom Manager

Written by Carolina Comeaux, this one is a 52-week journal to inspire happiness and a healthy lifestyle. Created specifically for moms, this is an easy-to-use journal to document self-care ideas and feelings of gratitude in 5 minutes. Why gratitude? The link between increased happiness and reduced depression is gratitude and well-being.

The Mom Manager does a great job in encouraging this healthy and positive outlook. It includes some proven strategies and tips for an empowered and healthier you!

#5. The I Love Me! Self-Care Planner and Tracker for Busy Moms

Created by Angela Lyon, this one is a planner and journal. It allows you to create steps and goals to have better mental and physical health. It also encourages emotional satisfaction. You get to have a year of tracking pages and planning, monthly calendars, fitness ideas, inspirational ideas, meals and hydration guide, affirmations and gratitude, and so much more!

#6. The Self-Care Solution: A Modern Mother's Must-Have Guide to Health and Well...

Julie Burton combines an expert and a thoughtful account of a veteran mom who is a mother of four. She has surveyed the voices of hundreds of other moms. This book provides insightful answers to some of the most poignant questions of how moms take care of themselves, their jobs, their relationships, while they are busy raising children. You will also get to know successful strategies in order to combat some basic issues.

In every chapter, you will find self-assessing reflections and questions to gauge yourself from a self-care perspective.

#7. Choose You: A Guided Self-Care Journal Made Just for You!

Written by Sara Robinson, this book helps you track your journey of self-care. It also pinpoints the exercises, which make you feel more rejuvenated and refreshed. Choose You allows you to record your daily routine and identify which practices worked best for you. This way you will be able to nurture yourself better. 

These books are your essential and perfect champion to achieve body and mind wellness. You will let yourself take delight in little things, which you do for yourself. It can be as small as taking a long bubble bath after you have put your kids to sleep. Or, as simple as getting customized entertainment genres on your Cox channel lineup to watch your favorite stuff before you hit the bed. You will learn to appreciate little things in life!


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