7 DIY Home-Improvement Projects to Do When You Are Bored on a Weekend

Friday is like the light at the end of a very long workweek. As you welcome restful and relaxing days ahead, you wonder about tasks that can make staying at home for the weekend fruitful. Look around; surely, you can improve the look of your place. 

It can be adding pom-poms to your plain lampshade or cleaning the microwave oven, which has been on your to-do list. DIY projects for creating, modifying, adding, cleaning, or organizing abound in physical and virtual places you visit. These projects can spruce up your living space, maybe take up a bit more of your time and some money in the process. 

However, sensible ideas can lead to great results as these sample projects will show. Spend the weekend with these worthwhile home-improvement projects.

  1. Update Your Kitchen Countertop

Countertops, as part of the kitchen, play a role in the home’s sales value and, as expected, are costly to upgrade or replace. You can opt for contact paper to achieve a marble, granite, or wood counter without the expensive square-per-foot pricing of the abovementioned materials.

Contact paper is an adhesive that is easy to cut and position for lining kitchen cabinets, drawers, shelves, or for covering any stained surface in the house. Some DIYers report that the material can also hold up for years and is clearly quick to replace when you get tired of the design.

  1. Install Hardwood Floors

Wood flooring spells luxury and elegance in a home. You can use laminate to mimic the wood flooring.

Fair warning: the project can take hours to accomplish with a lot of effort involved from hauling the materials to laying the planks. It is also costlier than most projects featured here, but if you have the tools and working with a smaller area, that can reduce the total cost. Otherwise, having a shiny hardwood floor is something to look forward to, as this video will show.

  1. Wear Your Shirts Crease-Free

Are your T-shirts always relegated to drawers because your dresses or trousers take up the hanging space in the closet? Time to take out the shirts and try a new technique that will keep them wrinkle-free and ready to wear.

The method lies in folding and organizing the shirts neatly inside their storage bins. It’s best to watch the tutorial while folding to find the off-center T and points A, B, and C. 

  1. Stuff Your Broken Sink

You can imagine slurping ramen while streaming movies one night. But think of reserving a pack or two in case of an emergency (e.g., your ceramic sink breaks). As what this Instagrammer did, use noodles to fill the broken area in the sink, add what looks like five-minute epoxy, and shape by scraping and sanding.

As a finishing touch and so that the filled-area won’t show, spray-paint it with the color identical to the sink. This hack does look like tongue-in-cheek, and you can refer to the traditional repair compound to repair and seal cracks or holes in the sink. 

  1. Make Over Entryway

Foyers are about welcoming you home and setting the impression of visitors too. If your entryway looks tired and cluttered, decorate it anew.

For a small entryway, you can paint the walls with layers of white to enlarge the space, and furnish hook racks, rugs, mirrors, and baskets in natural shades. A minimalist take on this area can mean moving everything else, except for the bench and coatrack.

  1. Float Your Books

Are you dreaming of having bookshelves without taking up too much of your room space? You can use bookends for floating bookshelves.

Drill a bookend to the wall, and add a book, preferably a hardbound one whose cover will hide the metal. Stack two or three books, and you have an instant bookshelf.

Another variation of the floating bookshelf, albeit more challenging to do, is to mount two L-shaped brackets with four and a half inches in between them on the wall, according to eHow.

  1. Brighten the Bathroom 

Lighting is everything in the bathroom, where you prepare yourself for a new day. Check if your bulbs need replacing with more cost-efficient LED ones. You can also opt for more flattering lights in the vanity with pendants, sconces, and fixtures that can come in DIY sets. Additional tasks include repainting walls with a white or neutral color and replacing the mirror with an unframed one to create an illusion of space.

Remember these tips when you plan to add a basement bathroom, where natural lighting can be hard to come by. Nevertheless, you’ll have one less thing to worry about the bathroom toilet because you have an option to install an upflush unit. It provides a quick way to add a toilet in the basement bathroom that a plumber or anyone with relevant skills can accomplish in a matter of hours.

See, you have the power to create a beautiful and functional home that keeps up with your needs and tastes one weekend at a time. 

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