7 Great Gifts for Men Who Love Nice Things

Finding the right gift for the man in your life may take a little finesse. You may have a friend or loved one who loves nice things, but you aren’t sure what to get for them. Whether they're into gadgets, food, clothes—or all of the above—here are some great gifts that any man would love to unwrap for birthdays, father’s days, holidays, or just because.

A Luxurious and Fragrant Cologne

A man who knows how to smell good is a man who knows how to present himself. If you want to give your guy an extra boost in the confidence department, consider getting him a cologne that he can wear every day. Club De Nuit Intense or Tommy are two favorites among men. These luxurious and fragrant colognes are something they can feel confident wearing no matter the occasion. To find the right one for your guy, start by thinking about what kind of scents he likes. Is he into woodsy smells, or something body and citrusy? Maybe he likes something earthy with a hint of patchouli.

High-End Cooking Supplies

Some men love to cook. If that’s your guy, count yourself lucky. Cooking with high-end tools can make the experience more enjoyable whether it’s a quality knife for chopping or a sturdy pan for frying. These items are not only useful but also beautiful and well-made. High-end pieces are the items that can be passed down to the next generation of chefs in your family.

A Weekend Getaway

For the adventurous man who has a little wanderlust, a weekend getaway is ideal. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive the gift of a weekend away? Maybe you treat him to a new destination he’s been wanting to try, or you choose a place you know he loves. For spouses, a weekend away can also be a time to reconnect. You could also send him on a camping trip, a skiing trip, a sailing trip, and more. A gift of adventure is something he will remember for a lifetime.

Quality Pair of Shoes

Good shoes can make a man. Whether it’s a quality pair of hiking boots for the man who loves the outdoors or something to go with his pressed slacks for those important work meetings, most men love getting good, quality shoes. When you have a guy in your life who loves nice things, these are especially important. It’s important to get the right fit, as well as quality materials and construction. You can find shoes at any price point that are durable and comfortable for your man.

Trendy New Clothing

Men who love nice things sometimes also enjoy trendy new clothing. New clothes can make a big statement, boost self-esteem, and so much more. Finding clothes that look good on your body is important as well.

Gadgets That He'll Love

Tech guys love new gadgets, and thankfully there are so many great options on the market today. Smartwatches can help your guy track anything from his daily steps to how well he sleeps at night. You can get him a music player to listen to his favorite songs or even a tablet to watch movies on when he’s in bed winding down for the night. You can get him a drone to capture cool videos with and explore places he’s never seen from that perspective. Drones right now are a hot ticket item. Because you can use them to capture videos and photos, they are even more popular. You can find tiny drones and larger ones that professionals use for photo and video companies.

Rugged High-Quality Outdoor Gear

If your man is an avid outdoorsman, then rugged, outdoor gear is a great gift idea. Rugged high-quality outdoor gear is durable, reliable, and versatile. You can find items for camping, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, backpacking, and so much more. Getting the best equipment ensures that your man won’t experience issues because his gear failed when he was spending time outdoors.


Men who love nice things deserve to get gifts beyond a traditional tie or power tools. Whether you have a significant other,  father, brother, or friend, these gift ideas are sure to suit any one of them, especially when they love nice things. 

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