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Do you want to organize a fun birthday party for your child? Arrange a thematic party. Of course, the style and theme of the holiday are determined by the age and interests of the children, as well as the venue and budget. You can choose a suitable ready-made holiday solution for a children's birthday or try to organize the event yourself with the help of animators and event agencies. In any case, a well-designed party theme is a key to success.

1. Zombie Party for Kids

The theme of zombies, vampires, witches, and other "evil spirits" may appeal to children from 10 to 14 years. The preparation of costumes and decor is a separate chapter in organizing such a party. The abundance of red-bloody glazes and cupcakes in the form of skulls are only welcome. The main thing is that the design should be fun, and not frightening as there are impressionable children in almost any company.

2. Pirate Quest

The scenario of the celebration on the pirates’ theme revolves around a simple plot. Flint convenes the pirates to go through the initiation and go to treasures searching. A few days before the birthday, you should send an invitation letter from Flint to the birthday boy and his friends. 

For children must be prepared a series of tests and assignments, many notes, a map and a route along which they will have to look for wealth. At the children's pirate party, do not forget about the costumes, delicious treats, and a treasure chest.

3. School of Magic

To arrange a little Hogwarts for a children's birthday, it is enough to stock up with the right amount of magic wands and robes, prepare a distribution hat, theme contests, and quizzes. A Harry Potter-style party is doomed to succeed if you manage to conduct impressive theoretical and practical classes on magic, tricks, and scientific experiments.

4. Cowboy Party

The theme of Western at a children's party opens up enormous opportunities in terms of implementation. To create the atmosphere of the Wild West, you will need cowboy hats, boots, a lasso, as well as horses (sticks with the head of horses), and Texas country music. You can build a game with a scenario when children need to capture the villain and team thematic tasks.

5. Gangster Party

Children's gangster party will find its fans in both children and adolescents. What to expect from the atmosphere of Chicago in the 30s? Skirmishes, weapons, robberies, jazz, and casinos. Retro “gangster-party” is easy to organize at home if you prepare a dress code, gambling (cards, chips), a small bank robbery, and a Mafia game.

6. Dino Party

It is a great idea for kids 2-6 years old. Little "dinosaurs" will participate with interest in dino-contests and entertainment. You should take care of the thematic menu. On the table, along with sandwiches, cookies, jelly, and sweets in the form of dinosaurs and lizards, you can serve healthy vegetable and fruit snacks as many dinosaurs were herbivores! 

The celebration can be stylized as an archaeological expedition if you will give the young archaeologists shovels, tassels, rakes and send them to the "excavation" in a large box with sand, pre-filled with "finds" of the prehistoric period.

7. Ethnic Party

Regardless of the age of the children, a birthday party in ethnic style is very beautiful. You need to think carefully about costumes, entertainment, music, and treats in folk traditions. It is worth paying attention to the colorful styles as Hawaiian, Mexican, African, Indian, Japanese. You can also hire a videographer or photographer to film all happy moments.

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