7 pregnancy body changes and discomforts and how to deal with them

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in any woman’s life, but it comes with a ton of physical changes. And, as the pregnancy advances, with a lot of pains and aches. For many women, these are so severe, they steal the joy of being pregnant. But medical professionals say there are certain ways to ease and deal with these more successfully. Apart from the growing belly, women are very likely to struggle with the following during their pregnancy.


#1. Headaches

As soon as women become pregnant, they all seem to experience one of the most common pregnancy symptoms: headaches. As unpleasant as these may be, pregnant women should avoid using over-the-counter medication. To fix this huge pregnancy drawback, get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water. It will help you ease this mild or severe symptom, depending on your situation. Meditation and yoga also work amazingly to reduce the discomfort caused by headaches. Alternatively, try a massage or a warm bath. It will put you in a great mood.

#2. Abdominal pain

Because your uterus expands, you might experience abdominal pain. Some women never experience it, others feel it every day of their pregnancy. This pain is usually a sharp, stabbing one. Although you can’t use pain medication because it may affect your baby, you can try other methods to ease it. Resting and laying down are some of the best approaches you can try. Also, apply heat if you can. A heating pad is a great investment for all pregnant women. It can help reduce so many pains and aches, and considering you can’t take pain medication, this comes as a huge plus.

If your pain is a stabbing and lasting one, check with your doctor. They may have other suggestions on how to deal with it.

#3. Backache

Backaches appear in pregnant women because of the same reason abdominal ones do. Since you are very limited in your medication choices, try to apply the same therapies as the ones recommended previously. Other pains with the same cause might be found in your groin and thigh areas.

#3. Swelling in the feet

Swelling is another common pregnancy sign. Possible body parts where it can occur are the hands, ankles, feet, face, and legs.

While there are some ways to ease this symptom, specialists recommend adjusting your footwear first. Wide fitting shoes are always a great choice for pregnant women. Some manufacturers have incredible designs and varied models. Have a look at those and choose a pair for each context you might find yourself in. Specialists recommend using this type of shoes during pregnancy because, although your feet might not be swollen in the morning, before getting out of bed, they have high chances to swell during the day. Instead of struggling with sore feet, swelling, and associated feet issues, find a retailer that can meet your needs.

Pregnancy feet are considered “problematic feet” and a regular pair of shoes is unlikely to help you. Plus, you don’t even have to choose the ugly pair of sneakers if you choose your retailer with care.

Choose similar solutions for your blouses and pants. Although not all look equally flattering, get your outfits from manufacturers and retailers specialised in creating pregnancy garments.

To ease swelling, try the following tricks.

  • Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.
  • Stay away from salt and caffeinated drinks.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Take care of how you position your legs when resting. Elevating them is the best way to deal with inflammation for short periods.

#4. Breathlessness

Because you gain weight during pregnancy, breathlessness is a common occurrence. However, you should make sure your weight is in the range indicated by your doctor and that you keep a good posture throughout the day. If this occurs during your sleep, try to change your position. Sleeping on your back can worsen this symptom. Change to sleeping on your left side.

#5. Constipation

Another highly common body change that pregnant women experience is constipation. Although you are familiar with the symptoms, you most probably weren’t ready for such a symptom. You might experience as few as 3 bowel movements per week. A solid explanation of why this happens is the relaxation hormones that spike during these months. This makes your digestion slow down. Besides, your growing baby might put a lot of pressure on your bowels. Here are some tips to put your bowels to work.

  • Light exercising helps.
  • Eat a ton of fibre-rich foods. Not only they will help you with constipation, but they give your baby a lot of extra nutrients.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks.

If your issues don’t go away in spite of your best efforts give your doctor a call, they may have other smart solutions.

#6. Breast aches

You will notice a big change in your breasts as soon as you become pregnant. First, they will increase in size. Second, they’ll tend to become more tender by the month. If you ignore how important a proper bra is during this time, you’re in for a lot of pain. Plus, you will experience what is commonly known as leakage. To avoid all these unpleasantries, invest in several maternity bras that offer good support. Leakage pads are also a good investment.

#7. Frequent trips to the bathroom

Women experience higher urinary frequency and leaking, especially during the second and third trimester. Generally, this happens because your baby is pushing your internal organs, including the bladder and pelvic muscles.

Sometimes, your bladder might not empty, so leaning forward while urinating is a good way to make sure everything is eliminated. Sometimes, when pregnant women cough or laugh, they may experience leaking. This can be easily fixed with sanitary pads. The tips below will help you deal with urinary issues during pregnancy easier.

  • Take frequent trips to the bathroom.
  • Do Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.
  • Keep drinking plenty of water. Although frequent trips to the bathroom can be annoying, make sure you avoid getting dehydrated because of this reason.

Just because your body changes, this doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable or appealing.  Find the best solutions out there that will help you cope better with all these symptoms.

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