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“I relaunch”, as in I was out of work for a period of time and now would like, or need, to go back to work. had the great pleasure of being a media sponsor for the recent iRelaunch conference held this past week at Seton Hall University. I learned much that day from the founders of iRelaunch, Carol and Vivian, and from the corporate participants: Morgan Stanley, Accenture and Goldman Sachs representatives, all of whom embrace many of you who are return-to-work moms. Carol and Vivian, with the added input from each company present, made it perfectly clear that there are:
*Seven Key Steps For a Successful Return to Work:

1. Rediness: Access whether you’re are truly ready or not to return. Weigh the pros and cons and be aware that if you are asking an employer to be flexible you must be too, even if that means missing your son’s game to take a conference call. Note that talking about your children too much on an interview may indicate that you’re not 100% ready to an employer.

2. Learn Confidence: You must know that people remember us as we were in the workplace, not those who we have become since. Play on that when reconnecting with past colleagues. Know that you come back to the workforce with maturity, experience, reliability, energy and a sense of passion that a less seasoned counterpart may have. Market yourself and skills; know your elevator speech.

3. Assess Job Options: Look at transferable skills by breaking down all of the components of your last job. Figure out what you loved the most and see how it applies to other jobs/industries. Try not to be too narrow focused and be flexible in title and compensation. And, if an employer sees that your skills match a different job than what you are applying for, do not dismiss it or get discouraged after one interview.

4. Update Professional Skills: Read up on the desired industry. Know that a past company may have been bought by another. Also, understand your skills and how they apply to the job you’re vying for. Use the keywords in your language that were used in the job description. Update your resume to reflect these keywords as well and don’t be afraid to add any fundraising, volunteer work, or any courses that you may have taken.

5. Network: is the perfect place to do so as is LinkedIn. Speak to past colleagues and present friends. Don’t miss an opportunity at your child’s game to let everyone know you are looking for a job. Look for employer referrals. Find someone who works at the organization you’re interested in who can refer and represent you. (Accenture revealed that a very large percentage of their employees are hired from referrals). Remember that whatever you put out there is your resume! Think Facebook photos and status updates.

6. Channel Family Support: Ask yourself how will this impact your family and know that you have their support. Do you have childcare lined up?

7. Handle the job: This will likely be a major life change and one that will need adjusting to in more ways than one. All of this takes time, and often, finding a job can be a job in itself. Do yourself a favor and hire a sitter so that you can devote a few hours on a given day to the process. The following companies, present at this incredibly resourceful conference, are targeting re-launchers: Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs who has its own returnship program, BBN Technologies offering paid internships, Bloomberg, Credit Suisse and Accenture.

One additional company that I’d like to highlight is Jos. A Bank. Right this very moment, Jos. A. Bank, a company that support moms returning to work with opportunities throughout the country, is hiring relaunching moms (not to mention moms who were laid off or those seeking additional income) in a work-at-home opportunity. This will allow you to make your own hours and earn extra income with a legitimate position for a well-know national retailer! To make this even easier for you to jump on this incredibly sought after opening, click here.

Now you have the tools, resources and opportunity. The rest is up to you. You can do this… just ask the thousands of moms in the Butterfly community who already have.


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*Back on the Career Track: A Guide For Stay-At-Home Moms Who Want To Return To Work by Carol Fishman Cohen and Vivian Steir Rabin

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