7 Tips To Help You Take Care Of A New Tattoo

If you’re getting yourself a new tattoo, or have got one already, you probably know that the ordeal doesn’t end with the etching on your skin. There are a set of responsibilities that you must abide by, for the benefit of the new artwork on your body, as well as the skin itself. That is why you should never forget about aftercare. The effort you put in it for a couple of weeks will reward you for many years after, so you might as well pay very close attention to it.

  1. Listen To Your Tattoo Artist - They Know It Best

Your tattoo artist will provide you with detailed instructions about your tattoos. You should never hide anything from the artist - a history of skin infections, recurring rashes: anything that you feel might be remotely important should be brought to their notice. This helps the artist like TattooInker customize the information that will be provided to you.

  1. Wash It Lightly After A Few Hours

Be very gentle to your tattoo and allow it to dry up for five to six hours. After that, you could wash the area with a bit of water. Use the water lightly on the tattoo, gently dabbing with a very soft cloth to take it off your skin. Once you’re done, apply a medicinal bandage or a cover, as prescribed by the artist to keep the area secure.

  1. A Bit Of Moisturising Cream Perhaps?

A generous amount of moisturizing cream can help your skin as well as the tattoo. Refrain from using too much though, as it can affect the ink. You could use a bit after the initial five hours of drying up and rinsing is complete.

  1. And A Dash Of The Best Sunscreen

Sunscreen is important. Use an SPF 15 or a dermatologist-approved sunscreen that suits your skin texture and type on your tattoo, every time you’re going out. This keeps the tattoo safe. If your tattoo is covered by a piece of clothing and it rubs against it too often, use a cover or a medicinal bandage on the tattoo for its safety.

  1. Avoid Activities That Increase Your Body Heat

Avoiding direct sunlight is necessary. The Sun’s direct rays are harmful for your tattoo and may affect the ink. Any form of heat can severely affect the tattoo and that would be a total disappointment. To avoid this, try to stay away from activities like exercise or long walks. It is also important to note that you should refrain from bathing in a bathtub as the tattoo may completely dissolve in water. Showers provide a safer alternative.

  1. No Itching

Do not scratch your tattoo. While it may itch a little, owing to mild reactions or just because the ink is settling on the dermis, overcome the urge by using a dry soft cloth to wipe the area very gently. Itching at the tattoo may severely damage it and you would have to rush back to the parlor to get it fixed.

  1. A Touch Up Can Do Wonders

For tattoos with very thin lines, you would most probably need a touch-up. For tattoos which have broad sections of color, it may or may not be required. If you find your tattoo fading, just simply return to the parlor and ask for a touch-up - most of them will do it for free.

The tattoo is unique to your body. It sets you apart from people around you and can draw attention. It adds to your style statement and can be really important for you at times, especially if you get a tattoo related to someone or something that is close to your heart. It is your personal responsibility to take good care of it and when you're through, you may flaunt it for the world!

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